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Thailand to reimpose coronavirus curbs to contain outbreak


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Tough developments for Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. Please keep your Olympic athletes at home. We can have virtual Olympics - your athletes can race around tracks in your own countries and we'll compare digital times.

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With all these vaccines available, I just don't get why these countries don't vaccinate their people.

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With bellwhethers such as Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong etc... all going back into lockdown, why do people have such rosy views on the UK and USA?

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The "Phuket Sandbox" will be a fiasco. The additional tests, requirements, paperwork, and overall bureaucratic BS will kill the programme before it starts. I would guesstimate that it will attract less than 500 people a day. ANd most of those won't be actual 'tourists'. They will be people who normally live in Thailand and are using Phuket as a stepping stone to getting back to their residences/family in the country.

This on an island that attracted upwards of 10 MILLION visitors in 2019.

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