Thatcher's body lies in chapel as funeral debate rages


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It's not really a 'debate.' As far as the government is concerned, the issue is closed.

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Unbelievable, that this is still a part of discussion, the government already decided. Give the woman her just last respects, she definitely deserved it.

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Sweet lord, this is someone's life! (death, really). Let her be rest in peace, regardless of politics.

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There is no debate, because as in all things the Tory government never let is have a debate on whether that vile woman gets the taxpayer's money to subsidise her funeral. Of there had been, I suspect many of US would have told them to sod off.

But no, as always the little people have no say, and people who are told there's not enough money for social welfare are told there's enough to pay for an opulent funeral for the woman who was all about rolling back the state, except when It came to indulging her ego.

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(Live feed on the BBC) - The people gathered in St Paul's don't seem all that sad - lots of laughing, smiling and shaking hands, the rich and mighty doing what they do best. Doesn't look like a funeral at all.

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will hear her favorite hymns

It seems they have unplugged the Big Bell for the week because it was singing "Ding Dong...." and that was not on her i-pod list....

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zichi - It is now that things are underway (actually just about finished, they're carrying her out of the cathedral as I write). I wrote that first post before the funeral began, when people were still gathering and the coffin was still in Westminster. I agree the actual funeral (what i saw of it) was a dignified, solemn affair and the people coming out now look a lot more subdued than when they were going in.

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"Thatcher, who ruled Britain from 1979 to 1990"

She just ran roughshod over Parliament, eh? Ruled with an iron fist, did she? Well, they did call her the Iron Lady, but I thought that referred to her foreign policy of not giving the Falklands to Argentina, etc.

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Like Reagan, she was a tool of the ruling class.

Rest in ...peace?

I doubt it. She had a negative impact on many more peoples lives than she had a positive impact on.

It makes me ill to look at her photos. I loath the sector of Britain she represents.

Sorry to speak ill of the dead, but the pomp was not deserved.

A much more low key affair was in order, and it probably represents partisan opportunism and a lack of respect that it wasn't otherwise.

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