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Zelenskyy says war with Russia in a new phase as winter looms


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FFS - and if conceding some territory doesn't work and Russia continues to attack, then what would you suggest?

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FFS - what are you suggesting they do going forward? Just throw themselves on Russia's mercy and hope for the best? How has that worked for all of the indigenous peoples currently under Putin's thumb?

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How many hundreds of thousands of dead and mangled Russians?

HOW many Thousands of tanks and thousands more APVS?

How many Thousands of destroyed artillery pieces and air defense units?

How many hundreds of combat aircraft?

How many sunken warships and auxiliary ships?

All to not achieve a single strategic objective by the invader?

And this means Russia is winning?

Boy, I’d hate to see what losing looks like if I were Russian.

Looks like we might get to though.

So. Much. Losing by the murdering midget from Moscow.

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The Russian “army” (snigger) is getting slaughtered for no strategic gain.

Their equipment is poorly maintained crap.

Training is crap.

Supplies? Crap.

Almost 2 years in what have they got to show for 400,000 total casualties? Crap

Kiev is free.

Snake Island is free.

Odessa is free.

The Russian rear explodes on a daily basis.

The Black Sea “fleet” (stifles another snigger) is rusting at the bottom of the sea or hiding out of range.

But sure, Russia is winning, lol.

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Because there is a school of thought (and Putin's own words) that suggests Putin will not stop until the goals of the SMO have been met and one of those goals is regime change. How can they concede anything to Russia if the destruction of Ukraine and it's transformation into a Belarus-like vassal state is their overriding goal. I don't see how conceding territory to Russia will help Ukraine. It actually helps Russia if and when they decide to resume their goal of turning Ukraine into Belarus.

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Shortage of weapons and personnel ???

That sounds like Russian propaganda from before the counteroffensive started.

Now Zelensky is admitting it.

Errr… from the start, he’s been asking for more and everybody on your side has been criticizing him for it. It’s not something new. What’s new is you trying to paint him as a deceptive liar for stating what has been well known for a long time. Compared to the Russian forces, what Ukraine has to work with in that respect is a minuscule amount.,, and they’re still holding on. It must really hurt knowing that even with a huge advantage, Russia still sucks at this.

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falseflagsteveToday 07:04 am JST


a peace plan was already offered and Zelensky under pressure from the West with promises of almost unlimited help decided not to accept. One of those was for Ukraine not to join Nato.

A common canard with no evidence. We will need to see the FSB files again to be sure.

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Sometimes playing dead works. Sometimes it doesn't. Just go home, Russian invaders, nothing but death and misery await you in Ukraine.


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The only way this can be a route is if the US walks away. Even then Ukraine might be able to make do with simple landmines to hold off the fascist.

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Next phase: The Russians alternate between freezing and starving in their exposed trenches while the wonder if the next DORK-supplied round of crap ammo blows them all to pink mist when it explodes prematurely.

Some plan, Ruskies.

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You don’t make excuses when you are winning now do you?

I wouldn’t know but both midget man and orange Jesus seem to make rather a lot of excuses.

As do their cultist rubes.

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Looks grim for certain quarters. 

He will have to explain why he ordered tens of thousands of men sacrificed for nothing

Certain quarters called Moscow, St. Petersburg.

Yes, mini-me has much to answer for

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EastmanToday 10:10 am JST

Russia will prevail.with its power,strength,resources and will to protect own national interests.

I think we've seen your will to fight in the numerous retreats Russia has already managed to accomplish. And as for resources, Canada, the US, and Australia have you beat.

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Russia sucks because they invaded their smaller neighbor in order to take their land, people, and resources.

Look, I come from a country that has done an awful lot of questionable and immoral things, so I now the feeling when others are attacking your country as awful. But the way forward is not to engage in denialism and projection, but rather to listen with open eyes and minds. You have to understand that Russian propaganda is a real and effective thing. Maybe too effective...

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No ICC will get Putin the justice that he will get at the hands of his countrymen.

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He will have to explain why he ordered tens of thousands of men sacrificed for nothing.

170,000 more to be precise.

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

When you can’t admit factual reality in such a simple topic as height and have to try to change the meaning of words even for that obvious measurement ….how do you expect people to believe anything else you say?

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It’s all over for Zelensky now, his only hope is peace talks. Unless he does this future failure and more apathy from the West will lead to his demise as his sonadlas will be pushed by Western Media and there are plenty of them. He is no longer the darling of the West, more like the forgotten man, now he must be brave and concede some territory before he damages his nation further.

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when your spring offensive is proven to be a total failure you start use a new term "new phase".

fact is that heroi are done for good and UA as we knew from past will be never same again.

no way.

Russia will prevail.with its power,strength,resources and will to protect own national interests.

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Ukraine managed to make incremental territorial gains against a better-armed and fortified enemy, Zelenskyy said.

200 billion dollars of money and weapons but Russia is now “better armed”?

incremental? Yeah I’m increments of “meters”

what happened to the only shovels army of convicts and drunks? So they also have blankets this year?

-5 ( +4 / -9 )

Looks grim for certain quarters.

He will have to explain why he ordered tens of thousands of men sacrificed for nothing.

-5 ( +3 / -8 )

It was on Telegram. Military Informant, Reports of the Militia of Novorossiya, Rybar amongst others.

-5 ( +3 / -8 )

The key takeaway is Kyiv and it's cheerleaders have completely lost touch with reality.

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We are fighting with the second (best) army in the world, I am satisfied,” he said, referring to the Russian military. 

oh now they are the second best army in the world?

-6 ( +4 / -10 )

new name for this new phase will be Game Over Phase.

final stop.terminus.

-6 ( +3 / -9 )

new phase latest name-final fantasy.

-6 ( +2 / -8 )

Kiev is free.

uh oh. Somebody is getting canceled by their own team for wrong speak.

-6 ( +3 / -9 )

There it was one state during WW2 named Protektoraten Bohmen und Mahren.

They had program in cinema called a Signal.

This propaganda published here is same thing same style.UA forces are winning at all fronts and victory will be ours-UA will prevail!

Goebbels must feel envy in hell now...

-6 ( +2 / -8 )


a peace plan was already offered and Zelensky under pressure from the West with promises of almost unlimited help decided not to accept. One of those was for Ukraine not to join Nato.

Zelensky’s aides and for,we aides are coming out saying he has become deluded, totally potty by all accounts and the average age of the military is now 43, yes 43. They will have no fit young men left if this continues.

-7 ( +5 / -12 )

A “new phase”.

yeah ok.

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The remarks come as Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu revealed Moscow’s latest estimates on Kiev’s casualties. Speaking during a ministerial meeting on Friday, Shoigu claimed that the Ukrainian military has lost more than 125,000 troops and around 16,000 military hardware pieces since the beginning of its botched counteroffensive, which started in early June. The country’s efforts, as well as Western aid, have not yielded any tangible result, the minister added.

“The total mobilization in Ukraine, delivery of Western arms, and deployment of strategic reserves by the Ukrainian command have not changed the situation on the battlefield,” Shoigu explained. “Those desperate actions simply increased the losses of the Ukrainian armed forces.”

In recent weeks, top Ukrainian officials admitted the counteroffensive had failed to reach the desired outcome, and they seemed to shift blame for the failure on each other. Early in November, for instance, Valery Zaluzhny, Ukraine’s top general, said the battlefield situation had reached a “stalemate,” with Kiev unlikely to achieve a breakthrough unless it received a wonder-weapon of sorts.

The assessment has been vehemently rejected by Zelensky, who insisted the counteroffensive was still making progress. In an interview with AP published on Friday, however, Zelensky finally admitted that it had failed, stating that he considers the fact that his country’s troops are not retreating at the moment a “satisfying” enough result.

-7 ( +2 / -9 )

The "new phase" began with the capture of Maryinka. Today, most telegram channels have announced this success of Russians. Marinka is a town fortified no worse than Avdiivka. There is still a cleanup to be done. Which city is the next? Ugledar or Kupyansk?

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ask at your embassy.for updates.

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