Japan to pay attention to human rights in China after death of Xiaobo


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Japan is far from being the worst but paying attention to human rights in China?


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Let's hope everyone learns from the man. I have to say, though, with the laws that have passed recently in Japan Suga's remarks ring pretty hollow for the moment. They seem to be headed in the opposite direction.

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Japan's government says it will continue to pay close attention to human rights in China after the death of its most famous political prisoner.

And how about China returning the favor by saying they will pay attention to human rights in the detention centers in Japan?

Sad part of this is that the average Japanese person will hear this from Suga and take it at face value without knowing the problems that Japan has within it's own country regarding human rights issues.

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Good acknowledgement. China's crimes should never be ignored or forgotten and one day the Commie traitors in power now will face brutal justice

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The quote on the poster that the young woman on the photo holds is spot on.

So is smithinjapan ,s comment above.

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This is a despicable government. I can't believe we keep giving them international competitions. They don't deserve it. A nasty country.

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If one is a foreigner or those married to Japanese, are both viewed as none to limited human rights. Ask anyone who deals with immigration and it will be clearly seen. 

Now China expects to be seen as the number 1 Super Power but yet refrains and does not respect a Nobel Peace Prize winner or his wife who remains under house arrest, expect the global world to take or see it as not the way or what is expected in leadership.  A second point from the so called self number 2, in my opinion that title still remains with Japan, China denounces it has any roles of responsibility regarding NK. If that is the case then why is it meddling to protect them? That clearly shows the opposite and that they do indeed have responsible role.

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While I also detest the Chinese totalitarism that is still making people suffer for the phantom crimes they commit against pseudo-communistic China, I would also to disagree with the of the quote on the photo above. While this might be a philosophical question, it seems that the human concept of "freedom of expression" is overly, overly exaggerated. There are more important things to support, and I will definitely not give up everything for the "right" for everyone to say not only what they think, but also every kind of filth, slander, lies they could come up with. There must be order, not chaos.

Of course it has nothing to do with telling ideologies off. That is why China is still a third world civilization.

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Good news. Human rights should apply to everyone, resident, non-resident, prisoner or pariah.

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Hello kettle, I'd like you to meet my pal pot!! Disgusting joke!

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Dollars over humanity though.

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Since when Japan became a champion of human rights?

Chinese regime is terrible I agree,but now Japan playing the card of the paladin of human rights looks a bit too much.

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You can take a prison and give the inmates 5-star food, leather sofas, cable TV (to govt. approved channels of course) and paint the bars gold. It's still a prison. 

Mr. Li was convicted under the state-secrets law, the contents of which is itself a state secret. It should be noted that he was advocating for the "freedoms" expressly mentioned in the Constitution of the PRC. Let that sink in a moment. The Thug-ocracy that is the PRC jailed an attorney for advocating for the rights the state gives them in the foundation document. The Chinese people ARE ready for Democracy but the CCP is not. They fear the exposure of their years of financial rape of the nation and the murder by commission or sheer incompetence of millions of Chinese.  

As for the corruption at the state level, it would make the Russians blush by comparison.

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Japanese authorities itself is about to become next oppressor in east Asia.

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Always easier to look outward than inward.

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The human rights can be condemned by one nation ,only when they globalise human relationship and treat all citizens equal and all nations are on equal footing. The human rights are always misused by other nations. It is easy to pinpoint on others, but they forget that all those who accuse others by index finger, should see four fingers pointing towards them.

No one can deny the fact that communism has crippled human creativity, but at the same time, the human rights evangelists are blinded one side and they don't see anything , when it matters to them economically and politically. The Human rights activists are the one , who abuse the human rights by closing their one eyes selectively.

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There is no doubt that China's human rights situation is dreadfully dismal... but Japan's love affair with the realm outside of reality continues to amuse whenever it attempts to portray itself as a guardian watchdog of international standards when it falls very short of the mark itself. Hate to break it to you, Japan, but you are viewed by much of the world as a quirky misfit and most certainly not the example of leadership, progressiveness, influence, and relevance that you have inexplicably convinced yourself you are. You really just don't resonate as a consideration for almost anything in the thoughts and minds of anyone but yourself. I will give you credit, however - you are the master of selective memory.

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one thing is certain , in Liu's death China will lose all its friends , none will trust china - at least right now china better need to release Liu's wife and the brother to which ever place they love to go ; every life has got its own right none can control , why any nuclear bombs of any power would also fail - when so what the chinese communist party can do against the order of humanity as such.

None knows when one passes away when president or any can't rightly say when his end is there the end can be as sudden as a thunder or a lightning when obviously you don't have control when so why live in empty power which cannot be worth any longer - what use it is when one is dead can u destroy Liu's thoughts from chinese 'psyche' that means that power is several thousands of billion times powerful than all the world's arsenal of nuclear bombs - realise mr President of china.

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We know what Japan would do to a Chinese 70 years ago.

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While I also detest the Chinese totalitarism that is still making people suffer .... There must be order, not chaos.

You contradict yourself. "Order, not chaos," is exactly what supporters of authoritarian regimes say. I have heard it said countless times in China, for example. You have to pick a side on this one. Being wishy-washy about this point puts you on the authoritarian side.

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1/4 of the population of the whole world is there and it's time to change! No more sadness to world be apart with a great man who believed freedom of movement. Soon more young people to show it after him! RIP to Mr. Liu Xiaobo and respect...

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Except that this article is about the persecution of a great Chinese man by the totalitarian Chinese government. I am bashing the "Dictatorship", not "China" for what they have done and continue to do.

Read the title of the article and the article itself. The article is about the reactions to the death of Xiaobo. It's perfectly acceptable to comment on the reactions themselves and who said them.

Are you asking us to hate China as much as you do?

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"Commanteer", Order, not chaos, is something any decent human being would like to see in this world full of discord. If the authoritorian regime imposes order, it is not anyhow bad. Bad comes after they use the imposed order to rule and oppress. If you stand against order, you stand against harmony and balance, and that makes you an enemy of the proper humanity. If you stand against misusing order, then you are a part of the proper humanity. DO NOT lump everything in together. Differentiate the matters.

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Why would self claimed democratic Japan be against not only majority Japanese in cutting off peace from constitution but also against majority Chinese in enforcing rule of laws?

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Other nations have also been critical of China's handling of Liu Xiaobo.

"Germany was the only country which demanded that China “quickly, transparently and plausibly answer the question of whether the cancer could not have been identified much earlier”.

The British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said it “was wrong” for China to repeatedly deny Liu his choice of medical treatment overseas“

Trump : The president’s heartfelt condolences go out to Liu Xiaobo’s wife, Liu Xia, and his family and friends,” said press secretary Sean Spicer. “A poet, scholar, and courageous advocate, Liu Xiaobo dedicated his life to the pursuit of democracy and liberty.”The statement from the White House referred to Mr. Liu as a “political prisoner.” The above notwithstanding the Doofus-in-Chief praised Xi Jingping soon afterwards. Perhaps he still naively thinks China will solve his NK headache.

The CCP are trying to bury his existence as hard as they can:

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Mulan let me throw you a bone...

China is immensely unpopular. If you feel that there is bias against China (which you often quote) you are correct.

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Turning a blind eye to the human trafficked population living in Japan and the bullying of people considered weak is not the way a society should be.... Human rights from Japan is not the mindset I would wish to oversee China's problems...... Take a look in the mirror JGovt.....

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I think most people here who are criticizing Japan for its hypocrisy have the right to do so probably because they feel that Japan is RELATIVELY worse than other developed countries on human rights compliance right now.

With that said, no country is perfect now, or in its history for human rights compliance. Even the U.S. has racial issues to this day and just abolished racial segregation a mere 50 years ago. It's all relative. You don't see North Korea openly criticizing China for the issue in question.

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 DO NOT lump everything in together. Differentiate the matters.

Then why do you define everything that is not order as chaos? You make the assumption that perfect order is desirable. It is not - that is the definition of totalitarianism. (Which even China is not, by the way. They are authoritarian.)

You seem to assume that human beings are predisposed to chaos, while I believe that people are predisposed to cooperation. If you think humans are chaotic creatures, I suppose draconian order would seem attractive, inhumane as it is.

Free speech is the lynchpin of any free society, which is why so many governments dislike it. It limits their power.

While people are not predisposed to chaos, governments are predisposed to oppression, given the chance. That's why the limits need to be put on government, not on the people.

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I define it so because it is a definition of such meanings as "chaos" and "order". There is one or the other. Basics of English. Nothing exists between them.

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