2 women accused of killing N Korean leader's half brother to testify in their defense


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Apparently, a scumbag leader who has his own kith and kin terminated with extreme prejudice is just "a tough guy" and someone worthy of lavish praise according to Trump's "Art of the Deal". Why in the world must we put up with this grotesque masquerade, and worse still, normalize this thuggish conduct by suspending our moral values. I suppose Hans Christian Andersen's dispiriting tale says it all.

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The one who should be on trial will never see justice.

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Prove that these two women knew exactly what they were doing. If you cannot, then let them go.

Find the four DPRK agents who watched everything from the airport coffee shop nearby and departed smartly on the next flight out. Any 'well-planned conspiracy' was carried out by these men and their superiors in North Korea, and everyone knows it.

Give justice a fair chance.

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If they were complicit, professional assassins then they would have been paid a huge sum of money, in the thousands or 10s of thousands of dollars. Assassination ain't cheap. A payment or transfer of money of this amount would be easy for prosecutors to track down. But it seems they havent.

They have no evidence, as far as I can tell. The payments the women did get were small, in line with TV prank work. Cops say the women's phones refer to video shoots, not murder.

If they are indicted for murder, without further compelling evidence, then a grave injustice will have been committed. And Malaysia should face severe international sanction.

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are these ladies wearing Stab Jackets or quilt ... himmmm

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Two bimbos get prosecuted while the 4 NK agents get off scott free. And Trump's "buddy" in Pyongyang. Pathetic.

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And the only thing that went wrong for the NK agents is that these two are somehow still alive and talking. VX is so potent that the women should have died after getting it on their hands, but being obedient they must have washed it off thoroughly right away.

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You know, there's a point where you've got to be responsible for your own actions. Someone comes up to these ladies, asking them to do this and at no point did they stop and say 'Hey, this doesn't sound right'. Because they were so excited to get on TV, they killed someone. I'm afraid that I don't have much sympathy for these two.

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extanker, how do you feel about the 'someone' who set them up, and then ran away?

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Obviously they should be held accountable (if they could be found), but the two women can't be let off the hook for being naive. This isn't a case of someone convincing you to carry a bag with some drugs in it. Someone is dead.

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You know, there's a point where you've got to be responsible for your own actions. Someone comes up to these ladies, asking them to do this and at no point did they stop and say 'Hey, this doesn't sound right'.

Maybe, just maybe mind you, because as the internet knows, everyone is always guilty of everything, but just maaaaaaaybe they never stopped and said 'hey this doesn't sound right' because there wasn't a point where things didn't sound right.

But no, this is the internet. They are guilty as sin. Hang them while burning them alive!

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So if someone came to you and said we want you to be on a secret TV show, all you have to do is put on rubber gloves and smear this stuff on that guy’s face. You wouldn’t stop and think ‘hey this sounds wrong’? You wouldn’t wonder where the cameras were? Nothing? You don’t think any of that doesn’t sound right??

And that is why they aren’t blameless in all this. They didn’t ever stop to think it didn’t sound right either and a man is dead because of it .

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