Third of French voters spoiled ballots or abstained

By Fabrice RANDOUX

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None of the above.

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Did President Trump send an unintended message to the new president. He said "I look very much forward to working with the new president." The meaning is that it will be in the far future that President Trump will work with the new president. It would have been better to say that he looks forward very much to working with the new president. Words have meaning, but President Trump doesn't have a grammarian proofing his messages. "Ready, shoot, aim."

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Doesn't bode well.  Macron will likely be more of the same and fail jut like Hollande did.

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The french love nothing more than being against someone/something so it's not surprising many chose not to back the winner.

Being part of the majority has always been 'uncool' in france so casting a blank ballot knowing Macron would win was always going to be a pretty popular option.

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Goldorak: I don't think so. Neither of them appeals to them. That said, spoiling ballots is childish...

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None of the above.

Yeah, the "none of the above" came in 2nd with 33.5%. Macron won with 43,8% and Le Pen came in 3rd with 22.7% (according to the article data).

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It's also the first time that the votation is scheduled in the middle of a 3 day week-end. Any bet over participation if Japan was called to vote during Golden Week ?

That said, spoiling ballots is childish...

It's useless... but well, the reason for doing so is valid. Most French people consider going to vote is a duty and there are even talks to make attendance compulsory as certain countries do (the reason we don't pass that law is our administration is far too inefficient to allow all citizens to vote and that would show even more). People despise the "pêcheurs à la lignes" (people that don't go to vote under pretext they leave early to go fishing) as citizens that don't care. So the idea is you go to show that you care... then you vote "white" (not 'spoiled') to express your dislike of proposed choices. I used to find this useless.

Then I saw how in Japan 90% of youth don't vote... and those inaka MPs elected by a handful of Alzhzheimer voters ruling the country.

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Thats always about two thirds hereabouts.

Lets see how many countries he will visit in his first 100 days.

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What is this guy smoking?

""The presence of the far-right in the second round did not prompt a lot of mobilisation compared to the first round, in contrast to what happened in 2002," Jadot said in reference to the election where Le Pen's father Jean-Marie saw voters of all stripes mobilise to block him by backing his opponent, conservative Jacques Chirac."

Almost every other party leader, all the media, and moneyed elitists loudly

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Loudly voiced opposition to LePen and directed their sheep to bleat for Macron.

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Macron is about as left wing and/or socialist as Ayn Rand. He's saved France from the racist machinations of FN for the time being but he's really going to have to deliver and not just become another poster boy for centerist politics. Here's hoping.

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