Thousands flee after Philippine volcano erupts


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Be safe, Tonga, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines. More of nature’s unpredictability, continuing to stir again and again around the Pacific’s Ring of Fire.  Much love and support from all your friends around the world.

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Pray to the phillipine people.

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You have to look it on a map. The volcano is a lake with an island. The lake is the volcano is also on an island in a freshwater lake on a Philippine island.,120.978403,12284m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x33bd738d30c66c4f:0x749396e27e5f3873!8m2!3d14.0112531!4d120.9976909

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It's a volcanic island on a lake which is on an island on a lake.

Been there more than 10 years ago and hired a guide to take us near the lake on the island on horseback. It was officially off limits to tourists due to increased volcanic activity but a few extra pesos for the guides and horses took care of that problem.

Hope everyone nearby is safe. An eruption also means a major disruption to the lives of people living nearby, most of whom live very simple lives and are dependant on farming, fishing and tourism to sustain themselves.

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With so many earthquakes, volcano eruptions, typhoons / hurricanes, tornadoes, and now the actions of Russia puts a high chance of nuclear war … the end is near!

Let’s all show love and be grateful for every moment on this planets.

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