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Thousands flee ethnic violence in Myanmar as death toll hits 82


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Why not just go back to Bangladesh if they are so oppressed? No one wants to live like that.

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Whereever you have a muslim minority, you have calls for secession and violence. And inevitably, the rebels are playing the victim and claim being persecuted.

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Illegal migrant Bengali Rohingya peoples setting fire on their own hut. They believe OIC will rebuild home for them with Saudi King's donated money $ 50 millions. Also OIC, HRW, UN and NGOs will give them aid and pressure on Burmese Government to grant citizenship for them. NGOs, HRW and UN present in Rakhine State are encouraging illegal migrant Bengali Rohingya peoples to attack native Rakine peoples and other Burmese ethnics in Rakhine state. I don't see international medias and HRW reporting about illegal migrant Bengali Rohingya peoples burning down and destroying on Buddhist Temples, Buddhist Monasteries, Rakhine peoples house and businesses.

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