Thousands of Danes protest canceling of public holiday

By Johannes Birkebaek

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Like japan, Denmark is not at war with any country.

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Like japan, Denmark is not at war with any country.

Under spending on deterrence and looking weak is a good way to invite an attack on your land. Nations do not initiate wars against nations that appear to be strong and well defended. Sufficient military strength and the unstated threat to use it is how you prevent you enemies from attacking you. Denmark is a NATO ally and their military contributes to the overall strength and deterrence value of NATO.

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People, even non-religious people, want to keep a day off. Nothing surprising there.

I worked at a company with over 50% of the employees from international locations in our US offices. Rather than have a single "holiday" calendar that all employees were required to follow, the company provided 11 days off to be used however the employee wished. Most would group those days with their accrued vacation days for a longer holiday.

All the Muslim employees worked on Christmas day, for example. The Jewish people didn't work on Passover. The Christians followed the holidays that most people in the US follow, just not all the govt and banker holidays - there must be 30 of those a year. Only the govt can afford to pay people for that much time off and remain competitive.

Anyway, perhaps the Danes could do the same and let people chose with holidays are important to them, personally.

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