Thousands of foreigners leave Indonesia amid COVID-19 crisis


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Poor Indonesia. Rolling "spikes" around SE Asia are really hurting the poorest people.

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If great men stand on the shoulders of giants, as the saying goes, so do pandemics arise, seeded to spread on the fallow ground left by a nation's past actions. In the case of Indonesia, the mass killings of 1965 spawned by anti-communist militarists, followed by 33 years of gangster capitalism that created a dysfunctional model of an "unwelfare state" without the requisite social infrastructure of a sturdy health service and education system able to withstand a viral pandemic, have left a vast swath of Indonesia's uneducated and misinformed population vulnerable to the depredations of Covid-19. Now that the country's chickens from its dark past are coming home to roost, it should be clear to everyone that history matters.

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Badly hit Indonesia and Malaysia are now stumbled by the violent attack of the virus. They have been complacent in the earlier days, and ill-prepared for the fast and vast widespread of Delta and new variants.

The 4th most populated nation is poorly managed, saturated with admin flaws; while its neighbor is totally engrossed in useless struggle for political power than looking after the welfare and health of its people.

Nothing much left to be said..

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I'm surprised the foreigners stayed there so long.

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Damn Delta variant

That's what happens when virus spreads uncontrollably and hospitals get filled up, leading to death rates soaring

So people, don't spread the virus and create more harmful variants

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