Thousands swarm Hong Kong leader's office; China tells U.S. to back off


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Woot! Next up, the offices of Xi and Li.

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There we got is, thats the face of second largest economy China , its a authoritarian system that wants to occupy Hong Kong with their authoritarian rule , I also watched on CNN Christiana Amanpur interview with former chief secretary of Hong Kong Anson Chan , and thats

It does not help, however, that China international trade partners have by and large signalled that they are willing to do business with Beijing "almost on any terms" -Chinese domestic issues be damned.

Its simple, China is playing in free trade world , while their market they control completly, because all production in China has to be done in cooperation with domestic state firms, and that shows huge benefits in development for Chinese firms , but also all negative things that is hapening in China is neglected, including the question of Tibet and Uyghur population , the totall controll on media and internet by China state .

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The PLA tanks will soon be out on the streets of Hong Kong, crushing protesters beneath their tracks as they "restore order". The thieving crooks in Beijing won't allow their power to be challenged by anyone, no matter what agreements they may have signed in the past.

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Good luck to them. Hope it spreads over to the mainland. Think some of the Southern provinces (Kwantung) are not fond of the rule from Beijing?

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"All countries should respect China’s sovereignty and this is a basic principle of governing international relations," Wang said.

The world will respect Communist China's sovereignty as long as Communist China doesn't plan to create another massacre of peaceful protesters.

But, we all know that when Communist get worried innocent people are murdered by the truckload.

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“I think we’ve got to see dialogue replacing tear gas and pepper spray,” Chris Patten told the BBC radio, adding that China was reneging on its promises to allow the city to manage its own affairs."

Ridiculous - Hong Kong affairs are China's internal affairs! LOL!

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The CCP really should have resigned yesterday: then they would have had a nice round 65 years.

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"Back off USA!! Our corruption and freedom of speech-suppressing methods are none of your or anyone's business! This is our internal matter and nobody may keep us from suppressing our people!" - CCP

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In a sign of Beijing’s growing unease, a local tourism leader said Chinese travel agents were reporting that group visits to the city had been suspended.

Other parts of Hong Kong are perfectly accessible, such as the popular tourist spots of Ocean Park, Disneyland, Stanley, Repulse Bay, the Peak, Lantau, Cheung Chau, Macau, Causeway Bay, Hollywood Road.... it's just that the Chinese government doesn't want the mainland tourists to see what real freedom of speech and protest looks like.

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