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Thousands of Syrian refugees flee into Turkey


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Good. Maybe that will persuade Turkey to forget its issues with the Kurds and actively pursue IS militarily.

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It's finally come back to them. Turkey is now going to have to figure out what to do since they were slacking off in the first place. Now they have to choose what to do next and deal with the problems from their previous lack of assistance in getting rid of IS.

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Same with Assad firing on peaceful protesters with Russian weapons. That's when the chaos in Syria started.

You reap what you sow.

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Actually, I find it quite logical that Turkey does not want to get involved in this mess directly. They would be marching into war with opponents right across their border, where crossings are very difficult to control. They are already dealing with the immense number of refugees almost by themselves. Why should they go into open war on top of that?

Those countries who are cheering for war are sending troops across the world to fight enemies they see on television, not those across their borders.

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