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Thousands of Syrian troops raid rebellious city


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As I said before... So, when is Obama going into Syria?

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Obama better not go to Syria. Let the arabs dig their own holes for their own civilians killed by their leaders.

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So why are Sarkozy and Obama not bombing Syria yet?

The same Obama/Sarkozy doctrine that sent them to Libya does apply here too.

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The same Obama/Sarkozy doctrine that sent them to Libya does apply here too.

Indeed, and both would be equally wrong, based entirely on lies and deception.

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The majority of the population is Sunni Muslim, but Assad and the ruling elite belong to the minority Alawite sect, an offshoot of Islam’s Shiite branch that dominates in Iran, Iraq and Bahrain.

Lol. This is the complete opposite of Bahrain. There's the US 5th Fleet is at the harbour & not doing a thing to help the Shia majority. In Syria, it's the Sunni majority that's getting shafted. The irony though is hilarious if lives weren't being lost.

Yes, Syria is worse than Libya but the West won't go there because they know Gaddafi is MUCH WEAKER to deal with. And it's much easier to grab Libya's oil. I don't think Syria has any.

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Assad is toast... in maybe another 20 years.

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