Thousands ordered to evacuate as floods hit Sydney


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The whole east coast is flooding from Brisbane to Wollongong with record rainfalls and more to come. We received 40cm of rain in 24 hours yesterday a few hundred kilometers north of Sydney. There is a second major rain front due to hit on Tuesday.

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P. Smith - Be safe, Hustle

We live on a hill away from the river so we are ok. However, getting to work tomorrow might be a bit of an adventure with a few detours around the flood waters.

Last year it was bushfires. _

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droughts, bushfires, floods, snakes, spiders, sharks, dingos, drop bears.

prayers for Australia

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Such wonderful people have to suffer so much. The plethora of disasters striking Australia in recent years reminds me of Japan.

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Zero Carbon Emission by 2050, that is about 29 years later, by the looks of it we will be very luck if we survive the next 10 years!!

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tooheysnewMar. 21 06:29 pm JST

droughts, bushfires, floods,

If it is not one thing, it is another.

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