Kennedy's body begins final poignant tour


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****the funeral Mass on Saturday at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Basilica I don't get it. Kennedy was a fervent abortion rights supporter. Don't Catholics excommunicate people with such beliefs? I'm sure Edward is having a nice chat with the late J.C. about "which part of 'thou shalt not kill didn't you understand?"'

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Kennedy was not a practicin' Catholic and hence, not a Catholic. Alive, he could attend mass but none of the Sacrements should have been available to him, most notably, Communion.

As a non-Catholic, Kennedy should've respected the Church and voluntarily abstained from all Sacrements, save the final one if he were truly repentant.

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Kennedy's death marks the end of an era in American politics. Unfortunately for him, he was never able to live up to the high political standards of his brothers.

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Ted Kennedy will be sorely missed. I love listening to the sacret ones pointing their fingers at sinners when we have all come short of the Glory of God.

They are so sin free. < :-)

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And Ted Kennedy was convicted of a homicide when? < :-)

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A.D.D. ...Are you sayin' Kennedy wasn't guilty of homicide?

Everyone else on the thread - left or right - at least acknowledges that.

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A.D.D. ...Are you sayin' Kennedy wasn't guilty of homicide?

Or at the least involuntary manslaughter. Oh and a sentence (even the minimum) actually served, not suspended.

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USN, involuntary manslaughter is homicide.

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USARonin: "A.D.D. (shows your immaturity, Ronin)... Are you sayin' Kennedy wasn't guilty of homicide? Everyone else on the thread - left or right - at least acknowledges that".

Actually, not a single other person on the thread has, and for good reason.

"Or at least involuntary manslaughter"

I see your back-peddling already.

"USN, involuntary manslaughter IS homicide"

And now you're back peddling on your back peddling. Interesting to watch you chase your tail.

Actually, the man, who pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident, was found guilty of just that -- leaving the scene of an accident. It was admitted by the judge that it probably (not for sure) contributed to her death. In either case, that's not manslaughter OR homicide, regardless of how many times you've tried to spin that on numerous threads.

Seriously, dude, come up with some new material instead of all this disinformation.

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Ronin: Oops! My apologies... the addendum to what Kennedy was NOT charged with (or convicted of) was USNinJapan. My bad. Still doesn't change your being wrong.

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smith, I don't get you. You mean you supported Kennedy's excuse?

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skip: "smith, I don't get you."

The reason you often don't get people, and got absolutely slammed for it the other day (goodDonkey, I think it was), and had all your posts removed from another thread (ie. FBI reaction to Lockerbie bomber release), is because you often jump into conversations/debates carrying a lot of baggage, assume things that aren't there, and throw in your own bias in order to make extreme judgments. You need to stand back a little more when reading and try to gauge things more objectively.

"You mean you supported Kennedy's excuse?"

Case in point.

First of all you simply consider it an excuse. What was the excuse? From what I've read the man pleaded guilty to charges brought against him. Why aren't you railing against those who decided the charges, because I don't think it was Kennedy.

Second you use the word 'excuse' to embolden your assumption that I support Kennedy on the issue simply because I spell out the facts for the mislead posters above. He admitted to and was convicted of 'leaving the scene', and get into semantics all you want, it's not murder in any respect of the word.

Do I think his history and name helped get him out of something more serious (including doing time for what he was convicted of)? Yes. Do I think that's wrong? I do. Does that mean he murdered someone and got away with it, no. Does my pointing out these facts mean that I support Kennedy's horrible decisions/crimes? not at all.

So, do us all a favour and stop jumping to conclusions like that, skip. I was pointing out that Ronin is wrong, and he should stop wasting his time trying to further drag a dead man's name through the man based on played up and often false information. That's all.

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"So, do us all a favour and stop jumping to conclusions like that..."

Smith, am I reading this right? YOU are accusing others from jumping to conclusions????? It's always nice to start my weekend with a big smirk on my face. Thank you!

Moderator: Readers, please stay on topic and keep the discussion civil.

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Let the Massachusettians bury their dead, just like how Texans will bury Bush how ever they wish when the time comes, regardless of how other states/nations feel.

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