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Thousands without power as storm lashes Sydney


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It’s summer in Australia and we get thunderstorms

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Always keep a couple hundred dollars or equivalent cash on hand. Cards don't work well when the power goes out.

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Tell that to the residents who lost power/got flooded/had cars and proved damaged.

On Channel 9 news in Perth tonight and it looked bad...

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Haven't been back to Sydney in almost six years,but living in the eastern,northern suburbs are generally not that bad.Once you'd go west,would be something different.

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gogo - being from oz myself, I daresay you move in different locales.

Or you are imbibing in a different kind of swimthru.

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@browny1 : Yep a normal summer afternoon in Australia, I'm am being serious.

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i have family in Sydney, no contact.

i think they are safe, but probably the impact will add 2 years to their mortgage...

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gogo - It's good that you were safe and happy.

My friend in Parramatta via facebook certainly showed a different picture or two.

Severe wind, 100s of trees down crossing power lines and extensive blackouts.

40mm ~ 100mm / hr, widespread flooding.

Glad I wasn't there.

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People should prepare more.

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Media overkill, the storm was nothing.

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