3 Australian soldiers killed by rogue Afghan soldier; 2 others die in copter crash


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Oh my god! Pakistan and Iran?? No! Putting their spies, etc..into the Afghan army?? Police?? Sure they are doing it, both Paksitan and Iran want to claim power over poor Afghanistan as soon as the US and it's allies leave that god forsaken part of the world. Russia learned a lesson messing around in Afghanistan and now thanks to that idiot George W Bush, America and NATO will also learn that some parts of the world have been backwards, are backwards, will be backwards for at least a couple more centuries, let them kill each other off, send in drones once in a while and stop wasting time, $$$, lives on useless parts of the world. IMHO.

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Oops, RIP Aussie soldiers. Aussies have always been good allies of the USA through thick and thin.

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One of the big questions being skated around here is if these Afghan soldiers are doing this of their own accord or being blackmailed or promised money to do this by some group.

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@ALTERNATE, that money being paid to have real Afghan soldiers kill US, NATO, etc..soldiers would not surprise me at all, poor ass country, poor ass soldiers, hey take these $50 and shoot that guy over there, that is way more than what they make in a month??

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To avoid any further casualties of 'green-on-blue' is Nato and all those allied armed forces should publish leaflets in afghan languages with drawings of guidlines and rules for those Talibansor the afghan government forces 'How to fight a gentlemen's war 101' and air dropped all over afghanistan or pakistan!

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The majority of these Afghan turncoats are nothing but terrorist moles that get into these positions of military or law enforcement so that they can try to commit "martyrdom" by taking out as many as they can. Its not like Afghanistan has an awsome recruitment system that can tell the difference between someone that really wants to protect their country and someone that is just a sleeper cell.

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Rest in Peace to my Aussie countrymen. You will never be forgotten, thanks mates.

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These incidents are becoming more and more common. It's unfortunate. Now those families of the Aussies will just receive a body, it's disgusting.

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Local freedom fighters ??

Australians made a long way from home to meet their destiny...

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