Three killed as strong quake rocks Indonesia's Java, Bali


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underground pressure will shift from Indonesia. Hope it is not to Olympics or west coast of America with many outdated NPPs.

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Saw this footage from Indonesia yesterday of a town being completely swept away due to liquefaction as a result of the earthquake.

This is beyond scary. I hope never have something like that happen here.

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That is why Indonesia has such a gaman culture -- they have lived on the ring of fire and death with typhoons, volcanoes, and earthquakes for so long it is part of the cultural uniqueness.

They have seen far too many earthquakes and tsunamis and the like lately. RIP to those lost and hopefully they help each other with the rest.

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papigiuio: "This is beyond scary. I hope never have something like that happen here."

If "here" is Japan, it absolutely will. Tokyo and much of Osaka would suffer major liquefaction in the event of a major quake in the right spot. And no doubt they've got an NPP nearby or even on it, or just major office towers.

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Poor Indonesia, yet again getting hammered hard. I guess many will turn to religion for solace in the face of stern and arbitrary Nature... . The governemtn will be struggling to keep up.

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Oops, 'government' even!

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I can't be sure, but is that YouTube video not an animation based on before and after images? Other news sites have shown before and after still satellite images. There are also on-the-ground videos of the liquefaction effects. But I have doubts that the video shows the actual behavior, but I'd be happy to be told otherwise.

Liquefaction occurred during the Hanshin earthquake. This was mainly in the reclaimed port areas and on reclaimed man-made islands. There is some not-so-dramatic but interesting video here:

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Liquefaction does occur in Japan, but nothing as dramatic as papigiulio's composite satellite imagery of the massive land shift in Palu on 28 September. Footage was taken on the ground showing houses, trees and phone masts sliding along the landscape.

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