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Three rescued from Turkey rubble as earthquake death toll passes 45,000

By Clodagh Kilcoyne and Ali Kucukgocmen

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Economic Damage from Earthquakes: $100 Million EVERY DAY

A catastrophic earthquake with a magnitude of more than 8 points occurs once a year.

Destructive earthquakes: force 7 - 8 points - 17 times a year.

In the XX century, the annual number of victims of earthquakes: 33.000.

• TANGSHAN 1976. China. Magnitude 7.8. 242 thousand people died.

• SPITAK 1988. Armenia. Magnitude 7.2. 25 thousand people died.

• NEFTEGORSK 1995. Russia Magnitude 7.6. 2040 people died.

In the XXI century, the annual number of victims of earthquakes: 49.000.

• PORT-AU-PRINCE 2010 Haiti. Magnitude 7. 223 thousand people died.

• SENDAI 2011 Japan. Magnitude 9. 18 thousand people died.

• TURKEY, SYRIA 2023. Magnitude 7.8. 52 thousand people died.

Short-term, up to a day, forecasting the strength, location and time of earthquakes can reduce the number of victims by 90% and reduce economic damage by 25% by reducing infrastructure accidents in transport and production. However, many Western scientists believe that such forecasting is impossible even in theory.

Deterministic predictions of individual earthquakes with sufficient accuracy to allow evacuation programs to be planned are not possible in principle.

Seismological Society of the United States

But there are facts that contradict this concept.

Firstly, this is an earthquake that occurred on February 4, 1975 in the city of Haicheng, Liaoning Province, China. Paying attention to the numerous appeals of citizens about the unusual behavior of animals, the authorities decided to evacuate the population, which began on the morning of February 4. And in the evening, at 19:36, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 occurred, as a result of which 90% of the buildings were destroyed. It was not possible to completely avoid the victims, 2041 people died, but if there had been no evacuation, then, according to experts, the number of victims would have been close to 150 thousand.

Secondly, this is a summary table with an analysis of the ability of animals to predict earthquakes. This table was compiled in the USSR as part of the work on the creation of tectonic weapons (1988, the Mercury 18 project). Despite the ambiguous assessment of the role of the USSR in the world civilization arrangement, even today, more than 30 years after the collapse of this country, there are few people in the world who could doubt the quality of Soviet scientific developments, one way or another connected with weapons.

Thirdly, there is the patent WO/2008/053463 issued in Israel for earthquake prediction technology, which is also based on the ability of animals to predict earthquakes.

It is the ability of domestic, agricultural and wild animals in seismically active areas to predict earthquakes that underlies the online technology for accurately predicting the strength, place and time of earthquakes "TRON" (Technology Real-time Online Nucleus). Collecting via the Internet information about changes in their behavior, then using Keilis-Borok's "greedy algorithms", it is possible to predict the future of an earthquake with an accuracy of up to 1 day, the epicenter - with an accuracy of up to 10 km, the strength of the shock - with an accuracy of 1 point.

So far, earthquake prediction is as follows:

There is a 70 percent chance for a magnitude 7 earthquake in the Tokyo area within the next 30 years.

Professor Hiroyuki Fujiwara. National Research Institute of Geosciences and Disaster Prevention of Japan.

Yarovoy Boris Dmitrievich, Internet entrepreneur since 1997, certificate of e-commerce manager MESI (Moscow University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics).

Laureate of Internet awards "Far Eastern Siberian Sterkh 2006" and "Golden Site 2008".

Author of the monograph "Strong artificial intelligence and its cloudy kingd

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Japan sends prayers and money for improved infrastructure. From one earthquake prone country to another we pray too the gods that there are more survivors. We love Turkey and their wonderful peoples. Prayers for them.

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Brief and limited rays of light on a huge tragedy, for the famlies of the rescued victims this is nothing less than a miracle, but for the family of those that are still buried it must be very difficult to know about these rescues, even knowing these are very rare exceptions it can make a person feel there is still a chance to find someone alive and feel desperation for not being able to do it yet.

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I pray that all those who are trapped under the rubbles be found and saved. This is such a heartbreaking tragedy , it's just beyond imagination. Turkey got lot's of work to do in terms of earthquake construction safety .

According to many safety experts and scientists "Much of this lose of lives could have been avoided if buildings and zoning were planned properly".

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How tragic. Let's make sure that those affected get all the help they need.

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