Tillerson returns to Saudi Arabia as Qatar row simmers


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Trump’s another big hydrocarbons tool. Tillerson, Perry and others in Trump’s white male house are looking out for big oil and gas. Trump’s backing big coal in the US. (Another back to the 1950’s move by Trump and the GOP. About 30 of the 3,000 counties in the US have a general dependence on a coal economy. How much money did the big coal titans contribute to him? What’s Trump’s position on alternative energies?)

And then there’s Trump continuing the US’s ties to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Qatar connecting with Iran and Russia, i.e. Putin and the oligarchs, must threaten whichever current alliances US big oil (and gas) might have.  

And what are the reasons Tillerson and others in big oil are involved in Chad and Niger? Why did Obama send troops there? How about Venezuela and Nigeria?

If there’s a problem in the world, follow the hydrocarbons.

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this is funny. Qatar has massive gas reserves, Saudi massive oil reserves. Qatar has the US Al Udeid military base, Saudi is buying US weapons. Saudi is massacring Yemani civillians, Qatar expoilts cheap/slave labour. Saudis radical Islam creates fundamentalists around the world, Qatar opposes Israel.

what a mess, and as @ptownsend says "If there’s a problem in the world, follow the hydrocarbons"

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