Time magazine names Ukraine's Zelensky 'Person of the Year'


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Excellent choice. He has my vote!

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Congratulations to him! He decided to stay and stand up for his country and people. He is definitely a hero. I still recall how some countries offered him and his family asylum. He chose to stay and fight. Great for him and his people. I also loved how the Ukranians offered support to the Russians who knew they were tricked into this war.

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Deserved and earned and achieved international respect for standing up against the brutal warlord Pootin.

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Congratulations to an inspriational figure. When given a chance to run (by his allies) or to stand and defend his country and his princples, President Zelinski, derided as a comic (in much the same way Regan used to be derided as an actor) rose to the occasion and faced the moment.

Congratulations, Sir. You are an inspiration to most, and an threat to authoritarianism everywhere.

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He is definitely a hero.

No he most certainly isn't a hero !

That title is reserved for a individual that accomplished the saving of many lives.

How many lives has Zelenskyy saved ?

Lets be realistic here please

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The selection criteria for ‘Person of the Year’ is in no way a reflection of how good or bad a person is, hitler and stalin were both selected.

It is a measurement of how influential a person was in that year. For this criteria alone Zelensky is a clear choice.

As a reminder putin has also been selected before, many years before he became an obvious maniac.

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How many lives has Zelenskyy saved ?

he is saving his country, & his countrymen

Lets be realistic here please

yes you should. Don’t let your anti-west thinking cloud your mind

Iam not impressed with Zelenskyy at all sorry to say.

most anti-west pro Russia fanboys aren’t.

but Putin impresses you though, right ?

Elected leaders should be capable of excellent diplomatic communication skills and first and foremost the protection and well being of the citizens.

so by your logic, the leaders of Poland, Czechoslovakia, France, Belgium, & Holland were all incapable leaders because of their diplomatic failures with hitler.

what about Churchill - he didn’t negotiate with hitler.

Was he an incapable leader ?

And Roosevelt must’ve also been an incapable president because he didn’t negotiate with Japan ?

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He got the reward he deserves but I am sure he will readily share it with the soldiers and people of the Ukraine. He united the whole country to fight that murdering tyrant Putin. And he does not just operate from a comfortable office in the capital but is out and about every day with the soldiers and people showing them who he really is, and that is not an armchair warrior. We all hope the he, his soldiers, and the people will rid the Ukraine of their murdering invaders......soon.

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If Putin (and his Minons) or "others" are so jealous, they could just create fake magazine covers for display in their tacky clubs.....

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