Titanic II to have 'safety deck,' says Aussie tycoon


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Good luck old chap! I am actually looking forward to these new Titanic!

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Well, the ship may be unsinkable, just as long as they don't get a show-off captain...

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All this focus on making it easier to escape. How about you work on making it harder to sink?

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SS Great Eastern -1858- employed a double hull, it hit a rock which gashed its outer hull 9 feet wide and 83 feet long, suffice to say it was fine. Later ships didnt bother with this double hull idea -enter Titanic-, even though it clearly saved the Great Eastern. Absolutely amazing ship worth looking up.

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So... they're building a replica of the Titanic, just with an additional "safety deck" cut out from the hull below the main deck?

And what's with keeping the second and thrid-class accommodations intact? The days of the ocean liner (used as transportation from one continent to another) ended with the creation of the air liner (and from where we get the term "airlines". Who's going to want to spend a trans-oceanic cruise buried in the bowels of a ship and sleeping on bunks with a bunch of strangers?

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LOL, maybe he should think of another name. "Titanic II" is already unlucky and the ship hasn't even been built yet!

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Ban pensioners and screen the others to see if they can afford the casino? This guy for real? Three classes? What muppet would willingly reserve a cabin with a shared bathroom, and a poorhouse-style eatery? haha

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Will this ship be unsinkable?

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A Chinese Titanic! The guy's optimism is certainly unsinkable.

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I'm sure its first cruise will be a big hit. Then word will get out that it sucks to travel in steerage, and all those lower-class spaces will be converted to first-class accommodations.

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