Undersea volcano erupts near Tonga


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Here's some climate change for you.

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Stunning satellite imagery on BBC news. The violence of the blast is shocking, feel sorry for the inhabitants of Tonga.

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Yes, the blast was really powerful, and the BBC shows the shockwave on the face of the planet. The tsunami was pretty violent as well. We’ll know more soon, but those folks are going to need some help.

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Tsunami warning issued for the east coast of Australia too.

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Here's some climate change for you.

Epically idiotic comment.

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Apparently some tsunami 40cm+ are hitting Japan as well.......hate these kind of waves.....

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Epically idiotic comment.

I can't speak to the full inference the poster intended, but from my perspective, it's not idiotic when you consider the impact large volcanic eruptions can have on global climate. We can read about things like "the year without a summer" after volcanic eruptions in history, after all.

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