Top bottled water brands contaminated with plastic particles: report


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I drink only bottled water from glass bottles. Actually I buy nothing that is packed in plastic containers. It is not easy these days, but still possible. 

I also try , as much as possible, to avoid plastic bags, its even harder to refuse them in the supermarkets than to accept them. I stop the people at the casse whenever I can to use useless additional plastic or other packaging.  I also try not to buy individual packed cookies... etc.... It is a bit of an effort, it means really nothing in the bigger scheme of things, but, at least, I try

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Bottled water. One of the biggest scams ever perpetrated. The marketering goons really hit a home run with that one.

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Bottle water can be more contaminated than piped water but many of the domestic filter systems don't work as claimed. Micro pieces of plastics in water, foods and fish.

Kenya have introduced a plastic bag ban and if caught with one people can be fined several hundred dollars(?) but they are still allowing plastic bottles which is the source of the micro plastic pieces.

Really so sad how we have messed up our environment which we have been shouting about since the 1960's like Friends of the Earth but its all coming true now.

Not only plastics but also drugs like antibiotics from giving them to cows and sheep.

British researchers found micro plastics in fish from the Antarctic.

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When I sister visited me in Kumamoto a few years ago and asked for bottled water, I rolled my eyes (we have fantastic ground water here!) and went to Lawson, where the clerk tried to talk me out of buying it!

It is a scam. If you live in a location with good water, carry around an empty bottle and fill it up at drinking fountains.

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"I also try , as much as possible, to avoid plastic bags,"

This right here is number 1. Buy a pack of gum or single beer at the combini. 9 out of 10 times they try to put it in a bag. One of the first things I learned how to say in Japan was "sono mama onegaishimasu".

You don't have to go as far as buying your water from a glass bottle. One a good workout day I drink 5 liters of water. You have any idea how many glass bottles that would be. Buy something like a "Platypus Hydration pack." It's made of much better plastic than the junk they use in plastic bottle. "BPA-free, BPS-free, and phthalate-free." If you are super worried about tap water, just put it through a filter first.

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And no reason to think it's different with any other beverages...

I will make my own tea from now own.

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Why do people buy bottled water? I understand if you are out and thirsty and don't have access to a tap, but you see people buying cases of it at supermatrkets, or even have those massive office type dispensers at home. A waste of money and yet more plastic to choke the seas.

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Awesome news, unless you're a water snob that is!

"I'll have an Evian (always ask for your fav water, nothing less) and a skinny flat white - extra hot. Ta'. Massive turn-off

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I used to believe crystal geyser was a good choice because they claim it’s bottled at the source, but all the transportation and time it sits around on pallets, sometimes in the sun.

I recently found out my tap water is actually better than some of the fancy bottled ones, I simply invested in a stainless steel bottle.

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Surprise. Package things in plastic and plastic gets into those things. Food, water, non-food things plus plastic. Yummy.

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Not surprising at all. Our bodies must look like those plastic islands floating around in the Pacific.

I avoid tap water for the chlorine. It makes me gag sometimes. The US is much much worse than Japan. I've been using a water filter ($700. No purchase of replacement filters needed, just reverse the water flow for cleaning) in Japan for 10 years now and fill up a 1.5 liter water bottle before I leave for the day. It rarely leaves my side. When visiting my folks in the States, I fill up 4, 5 gallon jugs of purified water at the health food store. I just shake my head when I see people at COSTCO in Japan walking out with cases and cases of small plastic water bottles.

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Watched a BBC World News program about this micro plastic problem. The plastic is the same type used for bottle caps and not the actual PET bottle. The smaller the pieces the more problematic they could be when ingested.

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