Topless page 3 returns to Britain's The Sun


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Page 3 is dumb, but no dumber than most of the written content of the Sun.

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Free the nipple!

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Seem a lot of people enjoy seeing the feminists getting stuffed.

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'Free the nipple!'

I didn't know Murdoch was in prison. He certainly deserves to be.

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Let's not jump to conclusions. The article doesn't say if the topless model was female or male.

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Lots of nude in Japanese newspapers and magazines. What is the big deal?

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Storm in a D-cup

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I've never understood the fetishisation (is that a word?) of women's breasts.They're for feeding babies, that's it.

It's not as if women eroticise (is that a word?) male chests. I mean, David Beckham getting his pecs out might cause a bit of a stir... but nobody would claim it's obscene.

I guess I was born a leg-man,

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For those averse to nipples with their news, but still like the xenophobia, there's always the Daily Express.

"I've seen the poison letters of the horrible hacks / About the yellow peril and the reds and the blacks / And the TUC and its treacherous acts / Kremlin money - All right Jack / I've seen how democracy is under duress / But I've never seen a nipple in the Daily Express" (John Cooper-Clarke)

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For those averse to nipples with their news, but still like the xenophobia, there's always the Daily Express.

The Daily Express's owner has no shortage of nipples, (short and curlies, too) in his other publications.

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"Feminists cheer as bare breasts disappear from Britain's Sun"............."Topless page 3 returns to Britain's The Sun"...............Shameless attempt to persuade a gullible public to buy his red top. The reign of Elizabeth I would have had Rupert Murdoch head adorning a spike on the gate house for such treacherous behaviour.

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Big deal? I support John Galt view. What the fuss about nipple and Pubic hair?

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Japangal. The difference. is that most western papers are held back. Japanese Magazine are often on the forefront of change.

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The prudes who convulse at the sight or even suggestion of the view of a nipple make me laugh. Tempest in a D-cup, indeed! On one hand, the feminists of Femen bare their breasts in protest against inequality, and other Victorian feminists shriek "exploitation" when female models willingly pose nude or topless. Quite the contradiction.

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The Sun's sister paper, The Times, is furious as they ran they story originally. There is also backlash due to the papers taunting and insults on social media toward those who dislike Page 3.

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