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Death toll from Missouri tornado climbs to 116


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Really bad tornado season. I feel for all those people and their losses.

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Just terrible. Hard to know what to say. I guess like in the Wizard of Oz, most people will have an underground twister/tornado shelter.

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Why cannot anyone learn from Auntie Em, Dorthy and Toto?! Storm shelters!

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Storm shelters!

Some of the storms are just to strong for them. If a tornado is strong enough to pick up a house off of its foundation it will probably be able to rip the doors off of a shelter. Plus there's a lot of people that live in flat ranch homes or mobile units that don't have access to one.

Best defense would be to keep the television on for early alerts and know where a community shelter is.

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@nandakandamanda: actually, most people don't have storm shelters. At least not in Missouri. Some newer, upscale homes with basements have a secure room built into them, but many homes don't have cellars or any other underground shelter. In that case, you go to an interior room on the ground floor (often a bathroom) and hope for the best.

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Another terrible natural disaster in the U.S., with more to come it seems from the weather forecasts. One would think the problems of the American people to be #1 on the Obama administration's list, yet they seem more concerned with throwing Israel under the Muslim bus and promoting Obama's rock star tour of part of Europe.

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My thoughts and prayers to those affected.

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A lot of apartment complexes were destroyed, and those did not have storm shelters. Also, a lot of people were killed and injured because it didn't just rip apart homes, but a Walmart, Home Depot, several fast food restaurants, a hospital, etc. etc. It hit in the middle of the evening, when people might not have been at home.

There was a lot of forewarning (I think about 20 minutes) before the tornado hit, but the tornado was so large and slow that it just decimated anything in its path.

I know people who died and people who survived despite the building around them being ripped away. It was a terrible tragedy, and basically your survival depended on where you were when it hit.

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One would think the problems of the American people to be #1 on the Obama administration's list, yet they seem more concerned with throwing Israel under the Muslim bus

That's a non-sequitur if I've ever heard one.

Another bad tornado outbreak. US has had it really bad this spring. And maybe more to come this week...

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No, Smorkian, my point is entirely relevant to the conversation here. Obama should be consumed with America's problems, those man-made and those of the uncontrollable natural variety like the tornadoes in Missouri and elsewhere, and dispense with his foolish actions like his Bin Laden victory lap or his ego-inflating tour of Europe.

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Joplin is just a few miles south of where my family is from. I grew up there. Older homes do have storm cellars etiher as part of the house or separated .. some of them are also remnant concrete bomb shelters from WWII. But every home I've lived in in Missouri has had a basement with a concrete sheltered area nestled snugly into the ground..but there are a lot of mobile home communities that I certainly would never live in in Missouri for the reason of severe storms. However, there are a lot of areas that are "prone" to being hit by bad storms because of geography so you can get to know different areas you should or shouldn't buy homes in if you don't want to get hit by the storms as bad. Usually the tornadoes will hit around the same areas each year. They're not predictable.. but at the same time they kind of are. 0.o

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