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Toronto mayor says he won't step down over crack video


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So its not only in USA politicians have no shame. Just live like nothing ever happened and the public accepts.

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Such a joke.

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If the video indeed shows him smoking crack, so what? It's well known that both Bush, jr. And Obama would do a little blow from time to time, from their own admissions.

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Ford is a fine man, and he's anti-liberal in his views. They've been trying to get him out of office by all sorts of fabricated accusations for years now. But he's a tough one. Toronto is actually much better off since he took office, lots of improvements in services quality and safety, too.

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@zaldaus: A typical fact-free rant from a Rob Ford supporter. He is not a "fine man". He is a buffoon and a bully, who has disgraced his office and city on the international stage.

He consorts with known criminals (including murderers and wife beaters - look it up), lies with every breath he takes, and these "fabricated accusations" have now been confirmed by the chief of police. He promised that he would not raise taxes or cut services, and he has done both. Just like he swore there was no video. Not to mention that he also undermined a fully-funded transit plan in order to build an unnecessary subway line, through a low-density suburb, which has put the taxpayers of Toronto on the hook for at least a billion dollars, which will necessitate even more tax increases. There is also the fact that the line will not even have the ridership to make it economically viable.

He appeals to low-information voters who believe his slogans and catch-phrases, but are too preoccupied resenting the "downtown elitists" to realize that this so-called "everyman" is nothing more than a spoiled rich kid who has completely pulled the wool over your eyes.

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Don't tie your panties in a knot over this issue. I personally am disinterested, as I don't even live in Canada. I visit relatives in Toronto, however, and can compare different "administrations" as far as my personal empirical experience of the city goes.

I think support of him is more of a political than economical issue, at its core. He's anti-gay, and that naturally brings a lot of liberal folk to see him in a more negative light than they would otherwise. Personally I see it as a redeeming quality.

Do you think that had Smitherman been elected there would be no hike in taxes? No transit debates? That's naive thinking, especially in this economy.

Name me a few recent politicians of mayor level or above that do not have anything to do with organized crime, however slight the connection might be? It's a bit too far fetched to assume that politics would do without criminal money. That's how they get on stage in the first place. The only difference is how much more or less does a certain individual owe to certain groups and how many middlemen are between him and the dirty money.

And as for crack video, I haven't seen it. How old is that video? Is he really smoking crack in it? Where was it taken and does it clearly show him being "in possession"? If so, he should be prosecuted. If no, then there's no substantial evidence to do so.

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