Toronto mayor vows to stay on after admitting he smoked crack


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Didn't stop Marion Barry...

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He should be careful. I hear that crack can be terribly moreish

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The rich and pwerful, eh? his "apology" was beyond pathetic. As was his claim to have smoked it while in a "drunken stupor". What on earht is the mayor of Canada's largets city douing hanging around a crack den whilest ina "drunken stupor"? voters get what they deserve if the vote for such a shmuck. what chance of him surviving?

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while in a "drunken stupor".

Good old excuse : "I don't remember I was drunk...". Maybe he has a Japanese PR staff advising him.

voters get what they deserve if the vote for such a shmuck.

They do. Crack is just one more, I read the guy's biography and what he's done in his life is being born to rich parents, and living as a party animal.

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I can believe Torontonians missed the obvious. How can you not smoke crack and live there? Abysmal city with the sports teams to prove it.

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I'm not a doctor, but it would appear that the mayor is suffering from Deep Brain Thrombosis.

Chris Farley would have been perfect playing this obnoxious guy. "I'm Rob Ford, the only mayor in the world who lives in a suspicious smoke filled VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!" (sound of breaking furniture)

If Ford turned into a superhero, his baggy, ill fitting tights would read Stuporman.

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It's not just the crack and the lying about it, there's all the violence and threats around trying to keep it quiet.

The "Rob Ford Incident File" is a good primer.

I can't believe the GTA voters allow this misogynistic bully to remain in office.

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He says he smoked it once, "probably a year ago". Probably? Like he can't remember and yet he claims he only did it once.

Har har.

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A mayor cannot smoke crack. Resign, already!

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Hey, what's the problem? We allow Union school teachers with heroin habits remain teaching HS students in NY. We all need to think progressively now. Anything goes!

No honor, no honesty, no shame any longer.

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He could have borrowed the line from Bill Clinton, "I smoked, but I didn't inhale. "

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I've been away so long I hadn't even heard about this guy until recently, but he is an utter menace, and I have not heard a SINGLE good word about it. Good news is I've heard he IS in fact on the verge of resigning. We'll see tomorrow.

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Must be delusional. He's GONE.

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He's a good politician, he's going to twist, turn, lie, and make excuses right up to the bitter end. Maybe he didn't inhale, but it's tough to imagine him being this stupid naturally....

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