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Tourists film New York police shooting


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However, NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly was quoted by local media as saying that police “responded appropriately.”

This is often referred to as suicide by cop.

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Cops in the US really do appear to be trigger happy. I know it is a tough job and I know there are lots of nutjobs out there, but they do seems to shoot first and ask questions later. will this be on one of those cop reality shows?

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if the guy would have pull out a gun, I would completely agree with the police putting 12 bullets into him. but "a large number of police" and one (violent) guy with a knife, maybe there were other options.

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The New York Daily News quoted relatives of the slain man Sunday saying that excessive force was used. “It doesn’t take 12 bullets to kill one person,” the dead man’s aunt, Margaret Johnson, told the newspaper.

I never understand this kind of comment by relatives. Would using one bullet to kill your nephew have been any better? He was running around a crowded place with a knife. Sorry, but it is better to prevent him from hurting anyone, including police.

“I think it could have been done another way.”

Yup, he could have not pulled a knife out in public and he could have obeyed the police when they told him to surrender. Amazing the family have no apologies for their relatives dangerous behavior.

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They could have easily used Tazers on the guy..........still, killing a black American shows who has control

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They could have easily used Tazers on the guy....

Tasers aren't magic wands; there is risk involved in using them, for both the target and the operator. I'm kinda of the opinion that if you pull a knife on the cops what happens next is on you.

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Agreed. Out of the gene pool for good. These types of people cost society a fortune over their years of incarceration, legal aid and whatever else they add to the tab. 12 bullets was a bargain.

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NBC is saying the man was seen smoking pot just before the incident. He had several previous offences (including for threatening people with a screw driver, and knocking over dustbins) and had been hospitalised in 2008 for psychiatric evaluation.

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what happened to the good old night stick?? i'm sure a bunch of cops with nightsticks could subdue 1 guy with a knife. trigger happy for sure .

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"i'm sure a bunch of cops with nightsticks could subdue 1 guy with a knife. "

Why on earth would anyone take the huge extra personal risk, when police are armed especially for this reason?

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Americans. Yee Hah! Just like Hollywood.

Very unnecessary amount of force. PERIOD. No excuses....

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@ Madverts

Police should be highly trained and able to cope with a single knife man, This is murder though nobody shall stand trial.

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I'm not sure you quite understand the kind of people you can meet in NYC. It's a dangerous place.

Have you ever seen someone wired on PCP on a rampage? They can sometimes need six or seven people just to hold them down unarmed, such is the drug-fuelled state that can give superhuman strength. And let's not forget the danger to all those idiotic bystanders filming the episode.

A couple of months ago a man stripped off in broad daylight and literally ate the face off of another living man, and growled at police arriving on the scene prior to being shot for pete's sake.

The police did the right thing.

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I saw the video and I think shooting 12 times is excessive.

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I also saw the video and this guy was not about to give up. Even when backing away, he was extremely confrontational. At times, he seems to turn around and start running towards the crowds of people that were behind him and in front of the police. Someone cannot be allowed to run amok with a weapon. It just should not be allowed. What would have happened had the police not stopped him and he had killed or seriously injured people? People would be complaining that the police did not do their jobs. Well, they did their jobs this time. The world is a bit safer because of it, too.

I bet if this homeboy was not black he would not have been killed

He would have been killed if he were white, he would have been killed if he were black, he would have been killed if he were asian, he would have been killed if he were hispanic, and he would have been killed if he were an alien. This is not about race. This is about a dangerous individual with a weapon running amok in a busy city center. This should never be allowed.

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The trouble with the 12 bullets is that when you have a group of cops together, they have no game plan on who is going to shoot and who isn't. One shoots, they all shoot, and its not really their fault. Its just that no one has presented any options to prevent them all shooting. If you got one, call the NYPD. They might actually listen.

That said, the article says he was backing away, but the police say he lunged. Which is it?

And as for tazers, some have plenty of range, as they shoot their electrodes and wires unfurl. But I don't know if the NYPD are issued those.

I am not sold on whether this is justified or not. I just don't have the information to decide.

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It seems like excessive force to me. If this poor nut case had just been tazered, just put the guy away in Bellevue, is this just racism??

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The trouble with the 12 bullets is that when you have a group of cops together, they have no game plan on who is going to shoot and who isn't. One shoots, they all shoot, and its not really their fault.

So true. I totally agree with you. Which is why it is a terrible right for civilians to own guns. Cops are (or should) be trained to handle a gun as in this situation. The argument that civilians should have guns to protect themselves is dangerous. Imagine a similar situation in which civilians trained their guns and started shooting at an armed person. I can assure you that some of those bullets will hit an innocent civilian.

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I still think an investigation is called for, come on, some crazy old junky with a knife?? These fools come a dime a dozen in places like NYC, are the police going to go out an shoot dead every crazy old junky with an attitude??

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