Trains collide in South Korea; 1 dead, dozens hurt


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No Safety means no Security in Korea!!

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South Korea is having a horrible year for highly preventable transportation accidents. The helicopter the other day is somewhat of a different story, but a head on train collision.... these things are preventable and I'm sure another scandle is about to break open.

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where is the president? she needs to fire the transportation minister and she needs to go on TV and ask forgiveness then scrap the whole ministry and replace it with something more

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Seems like something is breaking down in Korea these days. Will never forget hat captain escaping in his undies, while kids pounded on a window two meters away.

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Hard to say if it was a switching error or if one of the drivers missed a signal (or both), but at least they got on their brakes well in advance of the collision. If they hadn't, it would have been carnage.

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Wow what a reasonable response - fire everyone because one train collision means the entire government is corrupt. How about figuring out why this happened first before jumping the gun ?

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One train failed to stop at a station they were scheduled to stop at, and kept going until it crashed into the other train. There have been too many of these stories as of late.

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