Trauma fears cloud upbeat picture of Thai boys rescued from cave


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If I were one of these kids, I'm sure I'd have some trauma of one kind or another. But above all that I'd be grateful as hell to be a live. That would trump any trauma I'd have to overcome.

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I guess they won't be going spelunking again any time soon.  Plus might be a bit nervous in the dark for some time.

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Might it help for them to take up scuba-diving and even a little caving? Confront the demons before the PTSD kicks in.

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Being taken to hospital in ambulances and stuck in a hospital may also be traumatic.

a private checkup and go home would be best.

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One of the boys speaks English fortunately, and he helped translate for the British rescuers

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everythings trauma this trauma that these days. BS! Those kids are thinking "Im alive!"

Aint no stupid pc 'trauma'.

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Imagine being stuck in a dark void for days and days, with no food and no idea of the time. You don't know if anyone's ever coming to help. I'd be traumatised.

Then help arrives and you have to undergo impromptu diving/swimming lessons. You might be terrified. You are told that the process will be difficult and you must not panic. You may have heard that one of your rescuers died.

Hell, of course I'd be traumatised.

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Being taken to hospital in ambulances and stuck in a hospital may also be traumatic.

Sure, why not. Being stuck underground in a flooded cave for two weeks is no big deal. Here's a couple Tylenol and some Gatorade, now go home.

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A lucky outcome helps battling traumata - no doubt some of the boys might suffer from fear of enclosed, dark spaces but I'm sure they'll have all the help they can get. I wish them luck!

It would be far worse if they would be left alone like so many other people who survived horrible experiences. The boys got help, they are heroes of resilience and I have no doubt that they will recover.

And some of them may have found some inner strength that will enable them to do great things in the future.

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