WNBA's Brittney Griner goes on trial in Russian court


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Unless the U.S. is prepared to give up and free some seedy Russian criminals, her chances of getting out any time soon don’t look too good.

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No way would I exchange an illegal arms dealer for a $500 fine and time served drug conviction. Of course, minor crimes in the US often are considered major crimes elsewhere ... or if you aren't politically connected. I can see Putin smoking some weed a few times a week for "medicinal reasons."

I suspect we've all considered what we'd want to do if imprisoned overseas.

I'd want to learn the local language, get as fluent as possible and exercise to keep sane and fit.

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This is all political. After all, it's not like Russia is hard on sports and drugs FFS.

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Police have said she was carrying vape canisters with cannabis oil when detained at the airport. 

My question is this, is that statement by the police true or not? I have no way of knowing. However it's veracity does impact the legitimacy of her arrest. If it is fabricated evidence and she was framed, then shame on the Russians (who have no shame and a long history of such fabrications). But if she really did try to bring cannabis oil through a Russian airport, well, shame on her. Kind of a stupid thing to do. I have not heard her or her attorney deny outright she had vape canisters with cannabis oil. Maybe she brought these with her in the past and wasn't caught? I don't know. The truth in the evidence seems germane. A lot of nations still criminalize cannabis and have harsh punishments if convicted.

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