Trio win Nobel Economics Prize for work on poverty

By Johannes LEDEL

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At last a consolation prize for economists who have a moral concern for the plight of the poor. For the sake of the future health of the world economists must not leave poverty out of their equations, but in the meantime the disparity between rich and poor will continue on its present 40+ -year trajectory until necessity finally compels us to put an end to this ongoing obscenity of capitalist domination of institutions and the trashing of the global commons that is shredding the planet and leaving a toxic wasteland for future generations.

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Teach business from preschool up. Teach how to organize and be part of the world which is business and creativity predominantly. Teach independence. Teach common sense.

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 Teach independence. Teach common sense.

Those are the last things kids should be taught. The quest for "independence" is so often the root cause of wars,

Better to teach how to be a constructive and empathetic member of a community and that scientific methods and knowledge trump "common sense" for solving complex problems.

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Teach business from preschool up.

At least teach basics of money! I dont see what curriculum you are going to use to teach pre-school kids about the stock market!

Teach how to organize and be part of the world which is business and creativity predominantly.

Well and good, how to organize things is necessary, not just in business but life as well! Key words here: "be a part of the world"

Teach independence.

Two conflicting ideas, teaching to "be a part of the world" and "independence", the thing to teach is how to be individually independent as a part of something greater.

THAT is a hell of a different story, and extremely difficult to do, as far too many in the world today dont associate well with others.

Teach common sense.

Good luck, particularly when the people who will be doing the teaching more than likely dont know what common sense is in the first place.

Far too many teachers that I had in my life, had little common sense, and little knowledge about life outside their schools.

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