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Troops fire on Yemen protestors


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So... when is the US going into Yemen?

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It's a diplomatic, int'l security nightmare. And I sympathize with Sec GATES when he came out last week and told everyone that a post-SALEH regime may prove to be a catalyst for a much more violent and formidable terrorist networks in the Middle East.

"I think it is a real concern because the most active and at this point perhaps the most aggressive branch of Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, operates out of Yemen." (Via Reuters)

BUT THE WORLD have heard of Yemeni threats for some time now-- with one source I read claiming the state to be the next Iraq when it comes to terrorist activities. This Arab nation do have a lot of wanna-be AQ groups and whether it's just convenient to use AQ, when it comes to SALEH's defense, is another matter.

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Saleh’s top security official in Taiz, Abdullah Qiran, is accused by demonstrators of orchestrating some of the most brutal crackdowns against demonstrators, particularly in the southern port town of Aden. On Sunday, police attacked a march by thousands of women in Taiz, sparking a battle with a separate group of male protesters.

I condemn the use of government forces in muting protests across the Mid East. The region and Japan do have a shared and moral responsibility to ensure that the very basic rights of the Arab (and Libyan) people are respected.

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