Truck kills 4 Australian police who stopped speeding driver


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Terrible tragedy.

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Tragic. My condolences to the friends, families, and colleagues of these officers.

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Stopping on the hard shoulder is very dangerous. The police should’ve stopped elsewhere.

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The police should’ve stopped elsewhere.

Oh sure, I can just imagine the police asking the speeding driver, high on drugs to kindly follow them 20 miles to the next exit so they can have a chat about his driving. "Now don't escape kind sir.". Condolences to the families of the police officers.

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Hey Citizen, where should they stop? Enlighten us. Do you know the layout of the freeway?

Most major roads here have an emergency stopping lane on the far left for breakdowns etc. so this would be normally used. The police vehicle also would have had their emergency lights flashing also the law requires drivers and riders to slow to 40km/h when passing stationary enforcement or emergency vehicles with flashing lights.

This was a terrible accident, RIP to the VicPol victims.

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I agree with Citizen Smith. Stopping in those side lanes is highly dangerous, especially in these days of distracted driving. I'd never do it unless I absolutely had no other choice.

Also, turn your lights on when it rains!!!

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I think the fact that four policemen got hit by a truck whilst stopped on the hard shoulder kind of proves my point

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drug-affected speeding driver

Talk about removing responsibility.

After coming out of the coma, the truck-driver will probably say, "mistakes were made."

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Q and Smith, if the freeway continued for another 10km where do you propose they stop? 10km further down the road? Doesn’t work like that.

As I have stated there is an emergency lane where vehicles usually stop in situations like this (Police vehicle with lights flashing and the slow to 40km/h rule) and just very unfortunate that this led to an accident.

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AustPaul is right, everyone in Melbourne knows this stretch of roadway and pulling over a driver in the emergency lane would have been normal police procedure with a speeding driver. It's a common sight.

Any blame should be entirely directed at the truck driver. These guys are always telling us how great and professional they are, yet all too often they continue to drive their massive behemoths at the max speed they can get away with, whatever the weather conditions (which I think were good when the accident happened) and frequently right on your car's tail if you don't move over quickly enough.

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What an absolute scumbag. I don't think he thought for a single moment the pain it would cause to the victims' families when posting the photos.

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Charge the fleeing driver. POS.

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The driver then fled on foot and posted the images online, Ashton said.

What? Sounds like a real piece of work

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“Mohinder Singh Bajwa, the driver of the truck - who had a 'medical episode' - remains under police guard in hospital.”

Too easy for people to obtain a heavy vehicle license.

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BigYen, the truck driver was victim to a medical episode immediately prior to the crash, so it’s unreasonable to blame him. Terrible tragedy.

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Andrew Badham:

No, the truck driver had a "medical episode" after the crash, not before it.

The way it looks, it's perfectly reasonable to blame him.

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