Driver rams cyclists in Arizona race, critically injuring 6


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Let’s hope everyone can recover from this senseless event.

(CNN) ”seven victims were taken to the hospital, four are in critical condition and two are in critical but stable condition, police said. Another two or three victims were walk-ins at the hospital and are in stable condition, police said.” -

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If some think it’s important, @8:41am, to focus on the suspect instead of ‘the victims’:

CNN)Police in Show Low, Arizona, on Sat shot a suspect who they say struck multiple cyclists with a vehicle during a bicycle race. The suspect is also in critical but stable condition, police said in a news release.

According to police, a suspect in a Ford F-150 hit multiple bicyclists at about 7:25 a.m. local time during a benefit race in Show Low, a city about 180 miles northeast of Phoenix. 

The suspect fled the scene and was pursued by police, who soon engaged and shot the suspect behind a hardware store. Authorities have only identified the suspect as a 35-year-old White man.”

For some ‘unstated’ reason, the editors at CNN chose to capitalize the first letter of the word “White”?

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Sometimes one must reach the hardware store real quick.

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Because he committed a crime. If the driver was non-white, CNN would never mention ethnicity

It is how the police described the suspect.

The article doesn't mention that after mowing down those riders the truck struck a light pole, several riders tried to drag the driver out of the truck but the driver/suspect backed up and made another pass at the cyclists before fleeing. No idea what gets someone so angry they feel they can hit people with their pick-em up truck. And did the idiot really think they could do it and not get caught? A lot of not thinking going on. I hope none of the victims die. They don't deserve it.

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Honest question, does any other country have mass-murders nearly every day like in America?

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