Trudeau: Canadians won't be among the first to get vaccine


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Hopefully, on Jan 20th, Canada and Mexico will be merged into the US critical distribution channels for high risk people and medical personnel. Treat your neighbors how you'd like to be treated.

OTOH, being first has great risks. Immunization safety studies usually take a decade.

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Trudeau is pathetic, but in this case it is good for Canadians that they will not get the vaccine first.

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It is better to wait to take a new vaccine until after it is properly tested. Many Canadians may be saved.

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It is better to wait to take a new vaccine until after it is properly tested. Many Canadians may be saved.

Exactly. Long-term impacts won't really be known for decades, but if you are already in a high-risk group, the mitigation to avoid COVID and the complications that come with it is probably more important than worrying about some damage to an organ in 30 yrs which could happen or not.

Being hopeful that all these different vaccines work with just the initial flu-like discomforts is all we can do for now. I don't plan to be stuck until summer, after all the people who really need to be immunized have been. But if there is unused vaccine available locally in March (doubtful), I'd get immunized then.

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It has signed agreements with AstraZeneca, Pfizer and CanSinoBio for $1.66 billion, which together with the Covax mechanism of the WHO will cover 116 million Mexicans. Delivery of the vaccines would begin this December, with the first batches from Pfizer and CanSinoBio.

Seems the larger Latin American countries have agreements in place for 3+ providers of vaccines. Mexico seems better prepared than others.

I didn't see and specifics about Canada except this:

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