Trudeau in financial talks to resolve heated pipeline dispute


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Are Canadian PM's required to release info on their financial holdings?

I respect most of what Trudeau's doing and want to believe he's transparent and forthright with regard to any connections he might have with Kinder-Morgan, or any other oil-gas business for that matter.

Though Trump hasn't released much about his financial holdings, some sources have shown his connections to Kinder-Morgan, among others in the oil-gas business:

Is the US under Trump putting pressure on Trudeau to help Kinder-Morgan?

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I'm afraid we have too many activists and lobbyists on both sides. Quoting a bit here from the Mayor of Fort St. John - she put out an informative and common sense open letter:

"Canada has some of the largest petroleum resources in the world and yet Canada imports 634,000 barrels of crude oil from foreign countries every single day.

That is $26 billion of oil imports every year that we could have supplied to ourselves.

That product arrives in tankers and is transported to where it needs to go by truck and train right through our communities. And yet we don’t want our own product to flow in pipelines to our communities for our own use or to our ports so we can export it? That just makes no sense at all to me.

So let’s talk about pipelines. I know pipelines are a safe, cost-efficient means of oil and natural gas transportation and emit fewer greenhouse gases than alternate transportation methods.

Canada has 830,000 kilometers of pipelines. Three million barrels of crude oil is transported safely every single day. B.C. has over 43,000 kilometers of pipelines. If we took that oil out of the pipelines, we would need 4,200 rail cars to move it. How many of those cars would you like rolling through your community?"

Full text available here:

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