Trudeau makes final appeal ahead of Canada's election


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Polls open at 9:30 a.m. Monday.

Wind-up and the final pitch?

The strongest barbs on Sunday were exchanged between Trudeau and O’Toole, with the Liberal leader beginning the day warning Canadians that a Conservative government would not show the necessary leadership on vaccination to finally put an end to the pandemic. He also accused O’Toole of proposing an environmental plan that would bring the country “backwards.”

During a very brief public statement to supporters in Markham, Ont., O’Toole retorted that Trudeau led “the most corrupt government in our history” all the while lambasting the Liberals for “spending with abandon” during the pandemic and then calling an election Canadians largely view as unnecessary and unwanted.

Speaking to voters in the town of Coaticook (in the battleground riding of Compton—Stanstead), Blanchet accused the Liberals of “scuttling” a Bloc bill that aimed to protect supply management for farmers in Quebec by calling an election “that we still don’t know why we’re having.”

In British Columbia, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh encouraged Canadians not to succumb to the Liberal’s plea to progressives to vote for them to prevent a Conservative win, accusing Trudeau of doing things “just for show” and only “making it sound like he cares.”

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Much of the past week we have commented among ourselves whether endorsements from US politicos are interference in the True North.

We now have an answer, from Elections Canada: No.

Elections Canada told the [Burnaby NOW] all individuals, whether Canadian or non-Canadian, are free to express their views on any topic during an election. Comments don't necessarily mean interference, the organization said.

"A foreign citizen commenting about the election does not by itself constitute an instance of undue foreign influence under the Canada Elections Act," Elections Canada spokesperson Andrea Marantz said in an email. 

"Whether someone incurred expenses, who that person is, and for what reason that person spent the money would be among the factors that need to be considered before determining if undue foreign influence has taken place.

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Endorsement time!

Time to tap into the octogenarian +++ well?

Careful, though, you may get more than you bargained. From today's Ottawa Citizen:

The Liberals tapped 87-year-old Jean Chrétien for some get-out-the-vote help at their crowded Tuesday-night rally in Brampton, Ont., where the deficit-busting former prime minister warned of the dangers of living anywhere except in the political centre . . . Then he said something odd: “The Liberal party is the same party since 1867” . . .

The Liberals also invited 100-year-old Hazel McCallion to their event in Brampton. The long-time former mayor of nearby Mississauga is a Trudeau supporter, but when asked by reporters, she didn’t hesitate to opine that this was a terrible time to have an election.

The Conservatives countered on Wednesday evening, in Orford, Que., with 82-year-old Brian Mulroney. The location made sense: O’Toole has spent a measurable portion of his dignity grovelling for support from Quebec nationalists, which Mulroney enjoyed until the Meech Lake and Charlottetown accords fell apart.

But having delivered his standard package of anecdotes, Mulroney, too, said something odd. “There’ll be tough and deep structural changes to be made for our country if we are to enhance the prosperity and influence of Canada,” he vowed. “Some of these decisions may make Erin unpopular. … Canadians are very resistant to change, but I know that he and his government will persist and implement their agenda and will be looked upon then and throughout history with favour.” Crikey. Does he know something we don’t? You can browse through the Conservative platform as many times as you want; you won’t find much that’s genuinely “tough,” let alone “visionary,” which was another word Mulroney used to describe O’Toole.

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Canada deserves better

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Spoiled entitled brat ruling Canada.

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One more sound bite for our friend: Sabrina Maddeaux: Canada is an angrier more divided place

A Leger poll released Saturday showed that fully 71 per cent of respondents agreed with the statement “I feel this election has been more divisive and confrontational than past federal elections.”

Whoever wins the election on Monday, they’re going to have a much tougher time uniting and leading the country than Justin Trudeau did a mere five weeks ago. Canada is now an angrier and more polarized place than when the Liberal leader made the call in mid-August. This tear in the country’s social and political fabric is the true tragedy of forcing an unnecessary vote during such a tumultuous time.

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Ok, ok, just one more for the gentleman who knows everything about federal elections . . .

Vote at your assigned polling station on election day, Monday, September 20, 2021. Polls will be open for 12 hours (hours vary by time zone).

Newfoundland Time 8:30 a.m.–8:30 p.m. Atlantic Time 8:30 a.m.–8:30 p.m. Eastern Time 9:30 a.m.–9:30 p.m. Central Time 8:30 a.m.–8:30 p.m. Mountain Time 7:30 a.m.–7:30 p.m. Pacific Time 7:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m.

*In Saskatchewan, voting hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. for this general election.

See yours? Then do what the gentleman said and vote!

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If Trudeau had implemented a new voting system beyond FPTP there would never be a concern for Conservative governments ever again. But he wouldn't have the possibility of a majority

The Conservative logic appeal is that we want to ruin the country because we are unhappy with Trudeau. As if we'd choose to let the nation be destroyed by Albertans. If it wasn't for vote splitting Cons would never be in government and many lives could have been saved.

Trudeau will win again, it will be a minority again and he won't he happy, but that's fine put in any figures and it's a Liberal party minority

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Canada is now an angrier and more polarized place than when the Liberal leader made the call in mid-August. This tear in the country’s social and political fabric is the true tragedy of forcing an unnecessary vote during such a tumultuous time.

PostMedia conservative bias. They want people to be afraid but people keep voting Liberal and NDP. The really right wing Cons went all PPC nicely splitting the vote. Thus ensuring no Conservative victories. Thanks PostMedia!

For those interested in Canadian politics, the media is heavily bend on right wing conservative bias but the people voting are left of centre ruining their proclamations every time. It's funny for the latest poll and outcomes. You can move the sliders around to check other polls. This is handy because the site uses riding adjustments for 2021.

List of conservative media bias in Canadian newspapers. Most are PostMedia companies who are ordered to endorse Conservative governments:

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Note to anyone following Mr. sf2k's source, pbs[dot]twimg URL, identified above, the U.S. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS.ORG) warns:

PBS does not own, manage, or control those images and is in no way associated with images at that domain. The subdomain is Twitter's image-hosting domain and PBS stands for “Photo Blobstore.” More information can be found at

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The Canadian Liberal Party currently has 155 seats in The House of Parliament. They are in a minority party meaning they lack a 50% + 1 majority. If the Liberal Party remains in the minority but loses seats, his leadership of the party will be called into question. This would result in a the Liberal Party choosing a new leader.

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Canada deserves better

Liberals destroyed that country as well, except for Calgary.

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bass4funkToday  11:55 am JST

> Liberals destroyed that country as well, except for Calgary.

You really need to get a new line, or add bit of sophistication to your constant scapegoating of liberals/Dems/progressives. It’s become quite trite.

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Liberals destroyed that country as well, except for Calgary.

Yeah Canadians live longer than Americans as we have socialized medicine like the rest of the civilized world.

pbs[dot]twimg URL, identified above, the U.S. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS.ORG) warns:

PBS does not own, manage, or control those images

Yeah it's called a subdomain has nothing to do with PBS. Twimg stands for Twitter Image. And its domain name is . Anyone can make a subdomain without your permission, ie: . You don't control the internet

Link is just a graphic chart of Conservative bias newspapers across Canada, with the Ottawa Citizen endorsing the Cons every single election as per PostMedia orders. Hilariously Canadians ignore the newspapers and vote how they like

Haven't bought a newspaper in years. Probably never will again. Wondering if it's a generational technological gap leaving the Cons behind

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This would result in a the Liberal Party choosing a new leader.

While I would like that to happen so we can have real progressive policies implemented, there's no rule for that to occur. He's very popular within his party and would probably survive a Liberal Party of Canada confidence vote

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Sorry Cons but you can downvote me all you like but you still lose tomorrow and your leader will quit

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Least-worst realistic outcome would be a Conservative minority government with the PPC. The Conservatives are barely distinguishable from the Liberal on the main issues, so they need a proper small-government party to pull them back into line, abandon the destructive pro-vaccine passport and pro-lockdown stances O'Toole favours, and open the country back up.

I hope the PPC pick up enough seats to make them viable partners in a minority government and build a springboard for further growth in coming years.

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and open the country back up.

what, like the disaster in Alberta?

I hope the PPC pick up enough seats to make them viable partners

PPC will pick up zero seats. It's not how ridings work in a FPTP system. They would have to beat out their fellow right wing Conservatives to win a single seat.

Do you even know how votes are done in Canada?

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Election Day!

While the simulation projections have the Liberals return for another minority Parliament one never really knows how it'll go. Sometimes there can be a swing "feeling" in the air as people decide who they don't want or a large group are not counted in the polling. Because of FPTP we can't choose who we like as the resulting vote split rewards the very person we don't want with office. That's the same problem right wing or left which is stunning that we can't get this archaic voting system replaced.

Let's see if this holds up at all. Also given the mail in balloting we may not have a result until Tues or Wed versus same day. Computer projection: LPC 148, CPC 126, NDP 31, BQ 32, GPC 2, PPC 0. 170 needed for majority. If that's a baseline that will help see what direction the electorate goes

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