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Trump's Mideast peace plan will be historic: Netanyahu


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Gen. Bonespurs rides again along with his clingy sidekick Netanyahu.

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Trump's Mideast peace plan will be historic: Netanyahu

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It's actually Jared Kushner's plan, as a present to Netanyahu.

I very much doubt the plan will be accepted. It basically wipes Palestine off the map: a one-state solution, run by the Israelis.

Also, after Davos Kushner was expected to go to Israel to attend a special ceremony. A perfect chance to further discuss the plan with backers. But instead, he returned to Washington, possibly a result to the Bezos hacking by Salman using the Israeli Pegasus software. I suspect this genocidal plan is in danger.

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I wonder...will it call for the huge number of non native Jews to move back to their countries of origin and allow the Palestinians to return to their homeland?

I have more than a suspicion that it will not.

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Iran has their own peace plan too, we invested trillions in Iraq, it has not brought peace

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Only Trump can make real peace, the long lasting peace in the middle east. No one can do that better than our president Donald Trump. The trump haters, including the media all around the world. keep promoting to use abusive word about Trump eg: Donnie etc. to ridicule our president. But how much you people try still the president Trump is flying high above them to make USA the greatest. The world a better place. The up coming middle east peace process will be the biggest game changing plan for whole middle east and the eastern world.

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It’s election year.

Better shine!

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"It's a great plan. It's a plan that really would work," Trump said.

Does anyone know whether Trump's 'plan' includes Trump's syndicate building golf courses and other properties in the lands Israel plans to 'annex'? It's hard for me not to think that's what Jared's been setting up.

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