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Trump a no-show as Miss Oklahoma wins Miss USA contest


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Probably too busy persecuting immigrants at ICE.

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It's so CONVIENENT everyone twists what he REALLY SAID. He is against ILLEGAL ALIENS ! Try staying in JAPAN without a visa or even better, try getting some type of WALFARE. Let's get it STRAIGHT, shall we ?!

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It's so CONVIENENT everyone twists what he REALLY SAID.

No twisting needed, he referred to illegal aliens as murderers etc. Stereotyping at its best.

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Foreigners are eligible for Social Welfare in Japan, level depends on your type of vsa, lenght of stay, etc , PR-Holders are entitled to the same level off benefits and restrictions as Japanese Citizens.

I know many foreigners who are on welfare in Tokyo.

Of course Illegals, overstayers and similar get zilch, like in most countries, not sure why the USA and do a degree the UK are that lenient.

As for the Miss shows = boring and not sure why women degrade themselves!ves like that.

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And the show went off with no problems. Are you all going to elect another bought and paid for politician? At least Trump has leadership skills and is as smart as they come.

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Trump discriminates against aliens. I've never seen any other planets or solar systems represented in the Miss Universe contest.

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Of course Illegals, overstayers and similar get zilch, like in most countries, not sure why the USA and do a degree the UK are that lenient.

It isn't that hard to get a job with a stolen id which is a huge supply of cheap labor and votes (for Democrats), have kids in the US who are citizens and overwhelm the educational, medical, social service systems....It’s not just anger among Americans, it’s more like being on a boat that’s sinking and nobody on the crew is doing anything about it.

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I hope the contestants were still pushing for 'World Peace'.

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Trump is a man on a mission. He ain't got time for no beauty pageant jive.

Just think, if Trump's hobby was stamp collecting rather than marrying and divorcing exotic beauties, we would be subjected to both the American and World Stamp Collecting Contests year after year.

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Trump just had a rally in Phoenix: "I wonder if the Mexican government sent them over here. I think so," Trump said.

Yes, the Mexican government is sending over rapists. Trump is now leading GOP polls.

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Trump has brought to light the illegal problem that does exist in USA. The raped number of young women and girls crossing the boarder is staggering. His presentation was offensive using the "all" and "most" in his delivery. Fact is illegals do represent an incarceration problem. Look at the stats.

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MarkG, here's all you need to say:

"His presentation was offensive using the "all" and "most" in his delivery."

The end.

Let's not praise Trump for being a bigoted idiot by patting him on the back for talking about the illegal immigration problem. We can have conversations about the problem, and obviously we do and it's a hot button for the elections. But I'm not willing to look past a bigoted idiot since there are others in the GOP that I can talk with that want the same thing but aren't, well, bigoted idiots. It would be like trying to solve the problems in the black community by using KKK talking points about crimes/statistics, then thanking them for bringing the facts to the conversation and brushing off the whole lynching thing.

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@ Super.....your comparison is quite extreem just as Trump's was. Trump was wrong but is he a bigot for speaking some truth? Comparing him to the KKK is not fair. He's done nothing near what the Democratic KKK members have done years ago. Trump employs Hispanics, they benefit from Trump as does he from them. If the boarder were an Asian or Midde East nation he would say exactly the same thing. We have an ILLEGAL ALIEN problem. They are 'undocumented immigrants' because they themselves choose to disrespect the process to become a 'Documented Immigrant'. Some, as we see flock to the sancuary cities and continue to disrespect the U.S. culture.

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Trump has given several interviews post announcement and he is not backing away from claims of tremendous crime, which is accurate, but I haven't seen any statement that could be considered bigoted or even that reasonable people can and do disagree on..... "in some cases" "in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc...." "a lot of bad people" etc.

He has clarified that he was referring to cases where undocumented immigrants commit violent crimes or smuggle drugs. For heaven's sake this is obviously not a debate about foreigners coming through legal channels filling out customs forms and being registered at legitimate ports of entry. .

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It's clear that Trump's favorite foreigners are the pretty young things entering the country for a chance to be Trump's next bride. Running mate Hugh Heffner?

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Miss USA is better off without the CONTROVERSY of THE DONALD.

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Olivia Jordan, the winner, is surprisingly average looking.

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MarkG: Trump was wrong but is he a bigot for speaking some truth?

Look, we have an illegal immigration problem. Lots of Asians are here illegally, and they're rapists. Some of them, I'm assuming, are good people.

So do you agree with me that illegal immigration is a problem in the US? I think it's good to have a discussion about it and I admire people who aren't afraid to bring it up. And please, don't spend too much time talking about what I just said about Asians. Focus on the problem of illegal immigration and the truth I speak about it being an important issue.

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