Trump abandons effort to put citizenship question on census


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He would have done better if he hadn’t lied to the Supreme Court.

But, whatever. His choice.

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The Constitution is crystal clear that the census's sole and only purpose, is to count the number of people in our borders. Not citizens. People! People should not have to be asked, or answer any citizenship question on the census. 

I can remember when Republicans used to be against answering any Census question other than "how many people live here", b/c it was "none of Da Gubmint's business". My how times change.... yet Right Wing hypocrisy never does.

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He insisted he was "not backing down,

I have accepted defeat, but I have not lost!

Another win for Trump, he must be tired of winning by now.

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the Supreme Court blocked his effort

The separation and balance of powers are critical to preventing the executive from becoming an autocrat. Which Trump and his followers seem to want.

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Welcome back "Caveman!"

Donnie raises the white flag again - so much "winning".....

Caves on the census question...

Loses the appeal on the census question in court...

His Labor Secretary will soon be out for cutting a sweetheart deal for a child molester...

He says the British had airfields in the US in 1776...

It rained on his 4th of July parade...

E Jean Carroll said he raped her....

Poor Donnie - losing is such sweet sorrow....

And with Muller testifying next week, get ready for more tantrums and meltdowns...

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Donny done before did.

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America is being overrun by billionaires. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people...

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"Down, down, deeper and do(w)nald!"

He is making up stuff, he wants to look so great, so "tremendously beautiful" ....

..... and in the end: nothing gained, nothing achieved.

Well, except for his admirers, he is still "DeDon".

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Da comrade.

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the Supreme Court blocked his effort by disputing his administration's rationale for demanding that census respondents declare whether or not they were citizens. 

We need more conservative justices on the Supreme Court. We're going to get them.

The majority of Americans want the question on the census 53% to 32%. The Supreme Court is out of line with the people here.

Any country has the right to know if the people in it are citizens or not.

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@Serrano   I thought that the US Constitution was the very basis of US laws - not what the majority wants at the moment.  Of course they do have the right to propose a constitutional amendment.

And while the US government does indeed have the right to know the basis of why a person is in the US - that is NOT the role of the census.  (But I suspect that you already knew this...)

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I can remember when Republicans used to be against answering any Census question other than "how many people live here", b/c it was "none of Da Gubmint's business".

Real Conservatives still feel this way.

Trump is majoring in the minor things. Wish he'd stop. Some things aren't worth his time or bad publicity.

It would be different if he were actually smart and good at everything, but he isn't. If he were even average intelligence, he'd realize this stuff. Saw that some website guessed his IQ to be 140-ish. Doubtful.

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