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Trump backs Pompeo against NPR, criticizes CNN and Fox News


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It is almost surreal that Trump is now criticising Fox for not being biased enough.

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Teflon Don has a thin skin.

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Pompeo's a disgrace to his (and my) alma mater.

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Love this guy.

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Trump backs Pompeo against NPR, criticizes CNN and Fox News

Low class losers.

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bass4funkToday  09:23 am JST

Love this guy

Said the same thing about Bolton on numerous posts... Tomorrow - he's nothing but lying scum...

Porky is in a pickle and is coming unglued - Bolton dimes him out - he knew all along that Crazy Rudy was trying to get Yovanovich fired and was dissing her, didn't think it was right, yet didn't do a thing about it. He also knew about the illegal surveillance - and did nothing. Some integrity, huh?

And Bolton places him in all the conversations where Donnie directed the QPQ...so Porky has some "xplainin" to do...and he will have to do it under oath, so he's melting down...

Just like all of the Trump crime cabal, he doesn't want to be Manafort or Stone's bunk-mate...

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He also said Fox's Chris Wallace, who on Monday challenged a Fox contributor for not having her facts straight in a discussion about impeachment witnesses, shouldn't be on the network.

Chris Wallace should be drawn and quartered for challenging someone about facts. Liberals like him need to understand that the only human being with all the true facts is our Lord and Stable Genius, Donald J. Trump.

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Is Trump criticizing Fox for trying to be balanced?

That means, if ya believe that Fox is being balanced, then Trump is wrong

But if ya believe that Trump is right, then that means Fox is not being balanced

Which is it

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President Donald Trump on Tuesday backed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Pompeo's battle with National Public Radio and tweeted out more media criticism, one target familiar and the other less so.

No surprise that Trump and his cohorts pick on and criticize a woman....

Earlier Tuesday, the president tweeted an insult at CNN's Don Lemon, who received some criticism in conservative media for hosting a segment over the weekend where two of his guests made fun of the “rube demo” that backed Trump.

No surprise that Donnie would pick on and criticize a person of color....

And the commentator who made the comment? A former Republican....

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Nice playing of the woman and person of color cards.

didnr Don Lemon mock and ridicule entire groups of America? No he didn’t laugh at people he laughed at a job about those people. Totally different! (Uh no it’s not)

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