Trump campaign spent nearly $9 million on bid to overturn election results

By Aram Roston and Brad Heath

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How much did Melissa Carone get? Whatever it was it should have been doubled. She earned every penny, haven’t laughed so much in a long time.

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This USD9M 'investment' in incompetent and empty legal arguments has netted trump close to 200 Million dollars in "Stop the Steal" contributions. This was a last con of trump's fans who sent money like any viewer of evangelical television does to their video 'prophet'. One last squeeze of the juice from overripe, low hanging political fruit before they awake from their induced fugue, remember the last 5 years and ask themselves "What happened to me? Was that a nightmare? Are we still in America? Why did I feel so crazy?" as the angry thrall fades from memory and embarrassment takes its place. There NEVER was a serious "Stop the Steal" effort because there were no grounds for such an effort except lies about the dishonesty of millions of Americans who would, they said, willingly commit vote fraud. Clearly they, the trump marketeers, were manipulating the expectations of people who would fully expect others to cheat them having a lifetime of experience with American corporations and American politicians. Sadly, they are willing to accept such charges against their neighbors as well. That way lays chaos but, for many of our parasites, "Chaos is Opportunity!". Boring is better. And I hope that guy in Florida gets his 2.5 million dollars for "Stop the Steal" back from trump. He's trying hard enough but I suspect that it's toilet money and well it should be. Mr. Eshelman is one of those for whom chaos IS opportunity and he invested in it. Hustled and defrauded by trump. How appropriate...

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Electors will be selected, next week making Biden, the 46th President

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Trump's gullible supporters forked out nearly $9 million on bid to overturn election results

I've corrected the headline.  Anything above the $9 million will be pocketed by the Grifter in Charge.

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The trump klan pocketed money from a children’s cancer charity to buy trump portraits.

They charged the inaugural committee hundred times the normal charge for trump hotel in Washington DC, which would later be used for trump’s personal use.

So if the trump supporters have still not wizened up, then they deserve to get conned.

Anyhow bigots getting conned isn’t that bad!!!!

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Some of the Trump money, like in Georgia recount bought more votes for Biden

Ok, so both sides are claiming the other is trying to buy off the election, may the best influencer win.

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It was reported that Giuliani demanded USD 20,000 a day for his legal work.

It turned out to be the case that Giuliani and other lawyers were smarter than Trump. Even though the recent US election is considered to be the most secure in the US history, Trump has hoped that with Giuliani's "ability to smell crimes," he would turn things around.

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Trump has raised $200 million from donations with much of the money going directly into Trump's accounts.

More liberal spin again, but I get why they do it.

The far right are the ones spreading the crazy conspiracy stories

No, Georgia is a conservative state and now Democrats are urging their voters to move and register and vote until after the election and switch their residencies. This is why they’re being investigated.

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Just another Trump rip-off.

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More liberal spin again, but I get why they do it.

Dig deep! Don the con needs another couple of hundred of mill to help him after January.

And he has a super “1000% OFFER: EXTENDED.” deal for folks like you at Just give $250, leave the boxes checked (how nice of them to pre-check them for you) and another $2250 will be magically whisked out of your account in the upcoming months.

Your conman of choice needs your support! Oh and yeah, election fraud, defend democracy etc

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Trumped up claims of fraud (outside Four Seasons Landscaping and the courtrooms) paid for with millions given by gullibles in good faith to stroke the Grifter-in-Chief's bruised ego eventually threw up a surprise turn: a star was born! - Melissa Macarone! She gave a LOL performance Melissa McCarthy might have envied. SNL should snap her up!

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No it's not!

Yes, it most definitely is.

The Georgia republicans are telling their voter b not to vote in the senate election.

No, they are not.

Dems do though

A shame.

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Trump seems to be trying for one more award before he leaves office...he's been stiffed with the Nobel, etc...

Yes, he trying for World's Greatest Con-Man - taking the title away from Jim Bakker, Bennie Hinn, and Kenneth Copeland....

And seeing how his supporters throw their money at him, so he can pay off his almost $1 billion personal debt to "someone".....he'll likely win....

Most deserving in my view...

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Trump is very good at making scams for himself.

And the Dems are far better at it.

The latest scam is his Save America Pac.

A voter registration group led by Georgia Democratic Senate hopeful Rev. Raphael Warnockuntil earlier this year is under investigation for allegedly sending ballots to residents in other states, Georgia’s secretary of state announced Monday. 

The New Georgia Project, which was founded by failed Peach State gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, was named as one of four voter registration groups under investigation for improper registration activities, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said.

There is your scam.

Do the donors read the small print. Only single donations of over $8,000 goes to the PAC otherwise into Trump's coffers.

"Allies of President Donald Trump's efforts to challenge last month's election urged Republicans in Georgia on Wednesday to stay at home

Not the vast majority of Republicans as Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee urging Georgians to go out and vote and bypass all the media deception hype.

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He'll need to keep most of that money to pay off his back taxes, I bet.

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Going forward with the 46th president no one cares anymore

Not true, if that were so, the media wouldn’t be covering Trump still snd that’s exactly what he wants and the MSM are falling for it, that helps Trump, so they care very much.

They will just whine on and on until 2028

More like 2024, it’ll be one term for sure. Liberals complained and did so for 4 years as well.

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bass: Not true, if that were so, the media wouldn’t be covering Trump

Nah, Trump hasn't doing much except Tweeting and playing golf. Not much to report on. The MSM even ignored his video on Facebook, not airing it as it was just a waste of time.

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Not true, if that were so, the media wouldn’t be covering Trump still 

Covid has stopped production on most tv and films. Other than reruns old the trump train wreck is the best comedy around.

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The entertainment that Rudy and his witness provided the other day was pure unadulterated comedy material.

I think we can get them to contribute to Rudy, if he promises to entertain.

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The latest scam is his Save America Pac.

There is your scam.


Bill Price, of Panama City, allegedly filled out paperwork to vote in Paulding County, GA using his brother’s address there — and swore in an affidavit that he was a Peach State resident, election officials told WSB-TV.

“We clearly know that he is not [eligible to vote in Georgia],” Deidre Holden, Paulding County’s election supervisor, told the station.

The matter came to light after video emerged showing Price telling members of Florida’s Bay County Republican Party to temporarily change their addresses to Georgia in order to vote for the GOP Senate candidates there on Jan 5.

“We absolutely have to hold the Senate and we have to start fighting back, and we have to do whatever it takes,” Price said in the since-deleted Facebook Live video obtained by the outlet.

“And if that means changing your address for the next two months, so be it,” he said, before stating: “I’m doing that. I’m moving to Georgia and I’m gonna fight and I want you all to fight with me.”

A Repub doing what Repubs do - just following their cult leader....

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I think by this point most Trump supporters accept that Biden will be President on Jan 20. For the ones who haven't, I'll enjoy watching them feel like a victim.

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Man oh man WHEN are trump supporters going to figure out their guy is LAUGHING them all behind their backs, especially the ones forking over some of their hard earned $$$ only to be WASTED by trump & his ilk

WAKE UP for petes sake!

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It is only fitting that Trump leave office in the same manner as he worked while "on" the job. A complete waste of time and money. Good riddance.

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Trump's train has run out of track.

Not quite. He still has another month in which to rinse his supporters out of another couple of hundred million before that particular well dries up and he gets booted into irrelevance

Who would of thought billionaires needed such massive funding?

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Who would of thought billionaires needed such massive funding?

Yeah, weird huh?

Bloomberg’s a creep but at least he put his (emphasis on his) money where his mouth is.

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Bob Fosse,

Because he’s not a billionaire, he’s highly illiquid and in debt up to his eyeballs. It’s always been an illusion.

Headline SHOULD be “Trump dupes his rubes to finance a doomed venture.”

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Well well well. It seems that Trump has been the one committing fraud all along. Grifting his followers out of millions of dollars to fund his life after leaving office. Only 9 million of the 170 million that he has made off of his campaign election fraud claims. Conservatives are suckers to think that all of their donations are going to a recount battle.

Meanwhile, in addition to "dead people", Democratic senators, state officials, the FBI, CIA, and Hugo Chavez, Trump has added many GOP officials like the DOJ, Arizona's and Georgia's state secretaries and governors to his long list of people who are all in on the conspiracy to commit fraud. Can you imagine how ludicrous that is? The GOP shooting themselves in the foot to commit fraud against their own party? Wow! Trump never ceases to amaze me.

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