Trump, chafing at oversight, takes aim at inspectors general


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what is Pompeo hiding?

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Rene Pihlak: Not sure about WHAT he's hiding, but WHERE is likely in the bunker, next to trump.

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Id like a report from the health IG and CDC on the long term effects of enforced shut in without income then sudden release into the public strategy and the medias role. The psychological and physiological both on the brain and behavior, and the risk to society, and a white paper on how mayors should equip themselves and react in future situations.

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If the Republican Party weren't an entirely corrupt subsidiary of the Trump Organization, Trump would be preparing to take his last helicopter flight out of the White House right now instead of firing everyone who can hold him accountable for his crimes.

Republicans are fascists now. They don't want to govern America, they want to rule it.

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Trump has made clear at least some of the moves were personal.

When have his moves not been personal. His presidency is all about him and his needs. He's shown minimal regard for the country, great regard for his faction of the 'elite'.

Those who have read about 20th century cults of personalities will recognize Trump's erratic behavior is similar to several of the most infamous of them. Fortunately written into the US Constitution are checks on his power that should be able to prevent him from going full wacko.

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When have his moves not been personal. His presidency is all about him and his needs. He's shown minimal regard for the country, great regard for his faction of the 'elite'.

Im still trying to figure out what happened to all the Trump is incompetent, Trump corrupt etc blah you and others were on here talking, about how he handled the corona and the economy. So what happened to all that? Your over on some protesters rights now and the corona is all good because....? Its vanished? What happened to shelter in place and everything about the economy was Trumps fault? Those rules only apply when you want them too? because in order to have credibility, need some consistency first. Ive noticed your off the 100K corona thing now. What changed? No longer applicable?

Talk about wacko.

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So what happened to all that?

Talk about wacko.

Another personal attack. Clearly Trump supporters can no longer defend his incompetence. But you're right, I could have once again brought up the virus related deaths, the smashed economy, the riots.

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You make some very odd assumptions, Longtermer. Nobody has forgotten how badly he has mishandled and downright broken everything he has touched.

I know Trump from the 1980s and he is a corrupt grifter and always has been.

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 He asked for a reason and none was given.

Surely, for a man with seven years service, this is against US employment law? Perhaps someone familiar with US law can advise?

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An incompetent person blame everyone, anyone and even things besides himself.

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Wednesday November 4th, 2020 World news headlines will read -: President Donald Trump, Your fired! Americans vote in democratic nominee Joe Biden as the next president of the United States of America in a record landslide.

Prophecy for the future.

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The previous guy didnt have to fire any IGs (except one), because he just declined to appoint any in the first place for several critical positions.

You cant get investigated by the IG, if there is never one appointed in the first place. Then you dont have to explain why you fired someone that was never hired. clever Dems.

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well lookie here, how convenient.

"Vacancy during Clinton tenure"

Harold W. Geisel served as Acting Inspector General during Clinton's service. Throughout the tenure of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (which lasted until February 1, 2013), there was no permanent inspector general at the State Department, nor did President Barack Obama nominate anyone for that position while Clinton was Secretary.

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Another personal attack

Not personal dude, but your post feel wack. Ive read the same thing over and over...100K deaths Trumps fault

Those are very serious accusations, 100K citizens...not a light accusation. Trump is a buffoon or Trump an idiot, whatever but 100K deaths because of Trump.

Your thoughts or beliefs dude, you own it. Sorry for the wacko comment

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Despite all the noises against Trump he still has a big chance of being re-elected.

Even da-June NYC have a lot of ‘very silent’ supporters .

This is not helped by the fact that the Democrats are not so inspired by their candidate who sometimes forgets the name of a person on stage for all to gawk and cry.

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Welcome to the craziest show on Earth the Trump show but wait there is more to come stay tuned....

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Trump is a buffoon and an idiot, there is no need to debate that as it is one of the few certainties of life. He isn't responsible for all 100K deaths, but undoubtedly he's responsible for many thousands of deaths because of his flippant attitude and slow reaction to the pandemic.

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trump is not a president. trump is an evil dictator.

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Resisting the #resistance.... I like it.

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