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Trump chief of staff Meadows diagnosed with COVID-19


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Gee, The chief apologist for the Super Spreader in Chief gets the virus at ground zero. What are the odds?

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Meadows traveled with Trump in the run-up to Election Day and last appeared in public early Wednesday morning without a mask as Trump falsely declared victory in the vote count.

Thank good Americans kicked out that bunch of irresponsible charlatans. The world needs to unite - not compete - against Covid.

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Well, he’s probably just about to get fired as trump goes into super meltdown so at least he’ll have plenty of time to recover.

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Well, as the old saying goes, when you lie with dogs,...

Still, I hope he recovers soon and is "reborn" to repent.

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Oh man. Every staff member better get tested now before it's no longer so widely available and have to leave the office

also that office better be decontaminated before Biden's group comes in

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Well in his defense, he did say that he’s not going to deal with the virus.

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Before Biden or any of his people walk into White House, the whole place has to be fumigated for Covid19 including the super-spreader-in-chief!!!

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Had Trump done something more practical, like just wearing masks, he might have been re-elected. However, he failed when it came to protecting the American people from COVID-19. Many normal people, including republicans, worried about the recklessness of this president, as seen by his super-spreader rallies & events. Trump was not dealing with a full deck.

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I read the Corona Biden response 7 step "plan"

Whats in it thats not already being done?

During the initial stages of COVID ( a novel virus nobody had encountered before, thus had no idea how to treat it) Trump also mobilized testing.

Produce more PPE...wow!innovative. Whatever happened to all those mask Trump had produced? and ventilators?? What happened to them?

Top down guidance...I think we had that back in Jan from the CDC and Faucci, and what did they say?

Ways to distribute a vaccine...but Trump was already on that

Protect older adults...ok..maybe an addition, but I think thats already being done. well I think NY had an issue about that

Improve national response and relationship with the WHO...OOOOk...lol

and of course...mandate them mask


This sounds like some johnny come lately ride the coat tails of somebody elses plan to me. Remember Trumps reaction to the Diamond Princess? How about the USN Mercy? How about the first stimulus? and the defense act to produce the ventilators? BTW what ever happened to the ventilators? Also, were the peaceful riots a super spreader event?

Except for the WHO part...all of it, already being done. So whats the plan again?

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However, he failed when it came to protecting the American people from COVID-19.

Isn´t that slogan getting old? He followed his advisors and did all the things that other politicians also did, and that are touted in Bidens "plan". And when he closed the flights from China, Biden lambasted that as "xenophobic".

As for fake news, this slogan is a prime example.

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P. Smith

Play with fire (not wearing a mask or social distance) and you’ll get burned (catch COVID-19). Still, I wish him a speedy recovery because he’s another human being.

Masks do not prevent the virus (although arguably the can lower the load). And Trumps quick recovery shows that with good treatment the infection can now be dealt with. Noticed at all that the "news" coverage has completely switched from "deaths" to "cases", which is of course a meaningless term?

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thats the "plan"? thats what you wanted me to read?

Thats not a plan, everybody is already doing that

I dont even know what to call that.

should I also read the economic "plan"?

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I want to take bets. I wager that 5 or more of Biden's staff contracts virus in the first three months of his Presidency. Oh wait what am I saying? He is gonna lock himself in the white house basement with the commercial Keurig coffee dispenser. But do not worry! Biden's gonna end it,,, Yep that is what he said.

"I am going to end this."


Yeah, good luck with that Joe Beans.

Johnson & Johnson and or Moderna and BioNTech/Fosun Pharma/Pfizer are going to end this.

By the way Part 2 is out now!


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Countries using masks, social distancing, sanitising, have lower cases and deaths than those which don’t.

Every country does that. Completely meaningless statement.

And country-country comparisons make only sense at all if the countries are comparable.

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Cases is totally meaningless when the number of hospitals beds is finite. Makes perfect sense.

"Case" does not equal "hospital beds", since the vast majoriy of "cases" have either no or very mild symptoms. The claim makes zero sense.

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