Trump commutes prison sentence of ally Roger Stone

By Brendan Smialowski

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Donald Trump has done far more to protect Roger Stone from facing justice, than he has to protect U.S. soldiers from being killed by the Putin-backed Taliban.

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Roger Stone - a swamp creature from the deepest depths of the swamp. Friend and supporter of Nixon. Convicted of seven counts of witness intimidation and lying under oath. Colluder with America-hater Julian Assange to publish Russian-stolen emails...

And Trump perverts justice and shields him from his just punishment...

Says it all, doesn't it...

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Presidential pardons should be done away with as a way to fight corruption.

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A travesty.

Then again so is the horrible old queen himself.

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The way the US Constitution is written, this is perfectly legal. it shouldn't be used in this way, but 45 doesn't care about appearing slimy. He has no moral compass or shame. All the Republicans who backed and continue to back 45 should be ashamed.

lincolnman - if those emails weren't so damning, then the leaks wouldn't have mattered, but i agree with the other stuff. Leaking unclassified truth is not any problem.

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Good! The president is doing the right thing.

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Fantastic news, glad it’s over for Stone! The corrupt Democrats and the corrupt former department of justice as well as Mueller and his corrupt FBI henchmen and essentially tried everything they could to get this guy in for the mere fact that he supported Trump. Great move, love this President! Now Stone can go one with his life and I hope he sues the pants on these people.

Great day for justice!

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