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N Korea still poses extraordinary threat, says Trump


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" The order appears to undermine the president's claim."

"Appears." Ha ha ha ha ha ha aha ha aha aha ha ahah ah.

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Of course. North Korea poses an extraordinary threat with respect to it being a nuclear-armed nation and the existence and risk of proliferation of weapons-usable fissile material continues to be a threat to the USA, but, now pay attention... there is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea. Wait... That doesn't make any sense...

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the declaration comes just nine days after Trump tweeted, "There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea


Trump claimed at a cabinet meeting Thursday that denuclearization had already begun, although his Defense Secretary James Mattis told reporters a day earlier that he wasn't aware that North Korea had taken any steps yet toward denuclearization, and that detailed negotiations have not yet begun.

Quick; apply the memory hole and inform the Ministry of Truth!

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A few days ago, Trump said that N. Korea was no longer a threat. Now he says N. Korea is still poses extraordinary threat.

He's such a bonehead.

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North Korea remains a threat until denuclearization is achieved and the removal of uranium and plutonium stockpiles and also the chemical agents and nerve gases.

At the summit meeting Chairman Kim claimed he would destroy the test site for missile engines but no news on that one. Additionally, he just visited his master, the Chinese president Xi.

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Adolf twitter as ever

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biggest threat to USA is Trump

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But ?! You had such a great relationship with Kim !!!

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Any excuse to keep USA bases in Japan, paid for by Japanese taxpayers. Forgot to mention selling very expensive missiles and planes to japan. He’s the dude...

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The usual idiocy.

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The order appears to undermine the president's claim.

The president is mentally ill. It's no surprise that he argues with himself.

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The directives clearly from the war mongers hell bent on perpetrating the archaic Monroe doctrine for endless decades. The only way forward is for both koreas to sign an official end to hostilities and then sideline the warmongering regimeas relations with other Asian countries is focused on.

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Darn I was sleeping so soundly after Commandant Bone Spur said the threat was its back to Xanax with Stoli chasers!

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What a moron. So which is it? Or is he going to blame this contradiction on the media?

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Who knew that North Korea would be so hard? Who knew that immigration would be so hard? Who knew that healthcare would be so hard? Who knew that trade would be so hard? 

Who knew that 45 was unprepared to be POTUS?  

More proof that every word out of Trump's mouth is utterly without any meaning whatsoever.

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Who knew that North Korea would be so hard? Who knew that immigration would be so hard? Who knew that healthcare would be so hard? Who knew that trade would be so hard? 

Who knew that 45 was unprepared to be POTUS?

Unfortunately, those who have been riling up the right for the past couple of decades have sold them on the idea that there are easy solutions that some people just don't have the 'balls' to implement. The feeling that others' weakness was directly leading to unhappiness in their own lives led to a feeling of disaffection. Then Trump came along, and told them exactly what they wanted to hear; he would do what no one else had the balls to. He wasn't a politician, so he wouldn't be beholden to politicians. He was the savior.

Then suddenly the real world is kicking in. Health Care? Couldn't even get his own party to figure out what they wanted. North Korea? He ended up with a vague deal that only commits to denuclearlization if the US also leaves S. Korea, and is not even as good as previous deals made with NK. Immigration? His 'simple solution' turned out to be not so simple as they realized when even their own people found it reprehensible.

Trump is really, really good at speaking to people (well, a certain type of person). He's amazing at getting people riled up. He can speak in a way that makes people listen, stand up and cheer. There is no denying this, he's top in the world at it. Unfortunately, he entirely sucks at actually leading. His country is falling apart underneath him, and yet, he's able to convince so many with his silver tongue that everything is going to be fine, and all the solutions are easy.

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"...although less of a threat than the United States and its mentally ill president."

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I think it's time we face some very unpleasant facts:

Trump has an 87% approval rating with Republican voters.

Because of this approval rating with the base, the Republicans in Congress, and particularly in the House, will continue to do not exercise their constitutional duty to check and balance Trump.

Those are facts.

One more thing, which may not be a fact, but I think is self-evident:

The base of the party is a cult. Nothing Trump does will change their minds, except for one thing: if he turns against them on white nationalism.

The implication of that are profound:

If Trump wins re-election -- which he most likely will if the economy holds -- he can then do whatever he wants and the cult will still back him. How's that? Simple, the Dems are very likely to take Congress this fall. Given that, the ONLY thing the Cult will have at that point is Trump. So they will go all in.

And then things are gonna get really nasty.

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