Trump ex-campaign boss hospitalized amid threat to harm self


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Too bad.

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If anyone knows what disastrous shape Trump's reelection campaign is in, it's Pascale...and he just tried to commit suicide....

What a metaphor for Trump-world...

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Imagine being an individual with some tattered shreds of conscience and integrity and the livelihood of you and your family was tied up with Trumpworld...

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his wife called police to say that he had multiple firearms and was threatening to hurt himself 

Take away the weapons, an armed unstable person is a disaster waiting to happen.

Feel sorry for him though, once trump gets dumped, no one will hire him.

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It is clearly a personal issue; sad that people jump in and take is an excuse for more Trump bashing.

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Police knew there were multiple firearms on the premises, took the time to persuade him to come out. No shots fired. He’s now safe.

Great police work. Hopefully it’s the new standard.

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What happens to people that work for Trump....

They go to jail; Manafort, Gates, Papadapolous, Cohen...

They quit and write books or give interviews on how incompetent he is; Bolton, Mattis, Cohn, McMaster, Comey...

They try to commit suicide; Pascale...

What a boss, huh?

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