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Trump, Merkel try to sidestep differences in first meeting


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Just saw the ABC news report, and I must say, Trump reminds me of a school on Sunday: no class. Merkel offered to shake hands, and Trump, with the countenance and poise of a five-year-old put on timeout, gave Merkel the silent treatment. The silent treatment! How childish is that. Trump still hasn't learned that people can disagree and still behave like an adult. Definitely not the stuff world leaders are made of that Trump.

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Trump: Wanna come play golf at Mar-a-Lago this weekend?

Merkel: No, I've got a Country to run.

Don, you have absolutely NOTHING in common with Frau Merkel. She is an accomplished politician and you are the polar opposite. She is full of compassion and you have not a drop of it in your body. You owe her an apology for suggesting that you resemble her in any form.

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Good lord, that handshake scene was downright painful to watch.

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Trump said, Obama wiretapped him and her. She looked at him with strange face,

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She is full of compassion and you have not a drop of it in your body. You owe her an apology for suggesting that you resemble her in any form.

Compassion is admirable as long as its entirely your own. If your accountant were to donate all of your money on charity without ever asking your permission, should I praise his compassion? Trump and Merkel appear to be worlds apart but they are just opposite sides of the same authoritarian coin. One acts like a dictator for 'good', the other for 'bad'. Both are equally toxic, loathsome and a danger to democracy.

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Polar Opposites in every way but agreeing to disagree , Merkels world is on fire &our may end up that way as well-

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One question : Did he grope her ?

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Considering the mess she's made of her own country by admitting hoards of terrorists, I don't blame him for not shaking her hand.

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He's bit man child sometimes but I like him more and more haha. do what you do Don, the world has changed profoundly since the end of cold war, and the west need to adapt.

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Trumpski doesn't want to spend fed dollars on after-school programs, meals for poor people or heating assistance to help keep folk alive. In his election campaign he stated he will be too busy to take many vacations. Every weekend he spends at his Florida Winter White House, and this weekend will be his fifth time, costs $3 million.

Trumpski and his family remain in a position to be able to pay for the best medical care whenever they need it.

Very bad way for any America president to treat an important leader of a global leading country and important American ally. His handling of his visit with Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, was well below the belt and undignified. She was made to feel uncomfortable and rejected. Refusing to shake the hand of Merkel during the press conference.

German firms employ tens of thousands of Americans.

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If Angela Merkel hadn't bungled the 2015-2016 migrant crisis so horribly, it's likely that we would not be facing Brexit and that Donald Trump would not be president. Just remember how narrow the margins were in both of these votes.

The images of migrants and refugees tearing down fences, setting fires, and throwing rocks at police in their desperate attempt to reach Germany was undoubtedly what tipped the balance in populism's favour. People were rightly horrified to see the authorities completely lose control in such a dramatic fashion. Unfortunately many of them seemed to think voting for the extreme right was the only way to get it back.

It's important that we be honest and recognise exactly how and why we arrived at our current populist dystopia so that we can avoid ever returning here in the future.

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That was rude, toe curling stuff, President Trump has clearly had a diplomacy bypass. beyond awkward. I bet White House staff are nailing down the furniture, and making sure the expensive, difficult to replace pottery is out of reach.

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There should be a permanent travel ban on GOP presidents. Trump in particular is okay cracking knob jokes and setting fire to his farts in front of his whoopers but situations like this require a bit more tact, thought and class.

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There should be a permanent travel ban on GOP presidents.

Trump has told his staff he does not want to travel to foreign countries and prefers the control of having world leaders in the White House. He said he would meet Putin in Iceland but that never happened. He will be the least travelled president outside of America and besides he prefers his weekends at his Florida Winter White House and this weekend is his 7th visit there. He did accept a British state visit but disliked the boos and protests so postponed until October.

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Trump, the celebrity real estate developer and former reality television star, repeated his contention that former President Barack Obama may have tapped his phones in Trump Tower. He sought to turn the explosive charge into a light joke when asked about concerns raised by the British government that the White House is now citing a debunked claim that UK spies snooped on Trump.

Merkel wasn't laughing at all on that one. She's probably thinking: "don't compare our situation with yours - our situation was real; yours is probably fake." lol

As for the most recent report, Trump said he shouldn’t be blamed for quoting a Fox News analyst who had accused British intelligence of helping Obama spy on him.

For someone who constantly derides mainstream media, Trump sure believes so much of MSM news

I mean I don't get it - he's the one who keeps saying MSM news shouldn't be believed; yet he keeps believing it...................................... So which is it?

(Oh yeah, don't believe everything ya read on the internet neither.)

During a photo op in the Oval Office, the two did not shake hands before reporters.

Seems Trump who didn't want to shake Merkel's hands........... which is weird since he's the host and who invited Merkel to visit

Imagine if other state leaders refuse to shake his hands when it's their turn to host him

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What an utter, unmitigated tool. Poor Angela.

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Good lord, that handshake scene was downright painful to watch.

The man is not just childish, he is an outright boor.

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Too late for Trump to make Germany increase share. Japanese PM Abe met her and Germany, Italy and France will cooperate their success together. They are excluding Trump's America.

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